Wednesday 16 Aug 2017


Preschoolers Rewarded For Reading (PHOTO GALLERY)

How do you get young students to read more? How about by letting them throw a pie in the face of their local librarian.  Since 2011, the Fremont Library has used this program to get preschoolers to read.  This past school year saw record participation as over 4,600 books were checked out of the Freemont Library by three preschool classes.  On Thursday, those students got to celebrate their reading achievements by throwing pies in the face of Sherri Stewart.  The more books a child reads, the more pies they get to throw.  The kids were also treated to games on the lawn of the Fremont Library during the event.


Top Three Book Readers:

Caden Michalek, 526 Books = 5 pies

Caiden Sims, 345 Books = 3 pies

Camden Lancaster, 305 Books = 3 pies

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