Saturday 19 Aug 2017


U.S. House Majority Whip Shot During Baseball Practice

WASHINGTON (AP) — The latest on the shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

Sen. Jeff Flake says the gunman in the shooting of Rep. Scalise had “a rifle of some sort” and “a lot of ammo.”

Flake says Scalise was playing second base at a congressional baseball practice when he was shot by a man standing off the third-base side of the field. He says Scalise dragged himself into the outfield to get farther away from the shooting.

Several other people were wounded, including a congressional staff member and law enforcement personnel.

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  1. BP says:

    Violence against Republicans again. If the goofy liberals aren’t rioting, destroying property, they are shooting us up. Vote the Demtards out of office next go around, and take some of the lib Reptards with them. Support our President!


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