Monday 18 Jun 2018


Arrest For Fraudulent Check

A Wayne County woman is arrested for cashing a check that wasn’t hers. 39-year old Rachel L. Dennington of Mount Olive was arrested Wednesday for charges of Forgery of Endorsement, Uttering a Forged Endorsement, and Obtaining Property by False Pretenses.  She was taken to the Wayne County Detention Center on a $7,500 bond.  In November of 2016, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office was notified that Dennington had forged the signature of another person and cashed the check at a Wells Fargo Bank.

Rachel Lee Dennington


  1. Concerned citizen says:

    How can you compare forgery against robbery? Robbery involves physical aggression against the victim. I certainly don’t condone what she’s accused of, but the robbery suspects should have even higher bonds than they received. Not a skin cokor thing, it’s a severity of the alleged crime thing.

  2. Spot on, yet another example of Goldsboro’s hate for white people, she forged a check and her bond is 7500, yet 3 BLACKS committed robbery and bonds are 10 thousand, proving my case more and more, all whites need to evacuate Goldsboro asap, take cover in Rosewood then we all need to get out before they start beating our doors down and arresting us for our skin color, proud to be white

    • You says:

      How about be proud to be a good stand up citizen who doesn’t make racist remarks? Ever thought about that. You’re right about the system, but take that crap to the courthouse instead of posting your negative OPINIONS on as you call them BLACKS. U gotta grow up man. Every time someone commits a crime, you have so much to say…..1: about the “libtards, thugs and BLACKS”, 2: the way things are done in the system….go back to college and get yourself into the system​so u can make a difference…if not, shut up.

    • You says:

      I mean it’d be different if u said something not so derogatory to one race. Your points make sense (some of them) , but to generalize all black ppl as thugs and this and that is absurd. You’re just as much part of the problem behind that keyboard. It’s like u just sit and wait for a person to commit crime so u can talk about ppl and what you “know”. That’s your OPINION….

  3. kelly tom says:

    forged a check 7,500.00 bond 3 black males robbery 10,000.00 bond thats wayne county for sure ( only in wayne county)

  4. Mark says:

    Wonder If they will take a check for bail?

  5. gettin tired says:

    what a role model………she ought to be proud of herself.


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