Saturday 19 Aug 2017


Goldsboro Community Fun Day

The City of Goldsboro is holding a Community Fun Day this weekend. The event will feature free food and drinks, games, prizes, music, entertainment, and fun for all ages.  The Community Fun Day will be held from 5-7 PM Saturday at the West Haven Apartments, at the basketball courts behind Oak Street and DuPont Center.  The city is partnering with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, area churches and non-profit organizations for the fun-filled event, in an effort to build stronger community relations and make Goldsboro a better place.


  1. carter says:

    Money down the DRAIN !

  2. fed up says:

    My God, they already get everything free. While we, the working folks, are struggling to pay our bills. Must be nice to be able to sit home all day and freeload. Enjoy your fun day.

  3. I wouldn’t go to this if someone paid me, I’ll stay my white tail in Rosewood

  4. adamrothman says:

    Great maybe it will reduce the shootings in that project for a day. They should have one every day. However it is good to do it a day before the most confusing day of the year for that neighborhood

  5. gettin tired says:

    this is all fun and well but you know that its never gonna change in these areas.


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