Saturday 21 Apr 2018


WCSO Reports Shooting Arrest

An arrest is made in a Wayne County shooting from May. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office reports 34-year old Phillip M. Lownes of Selma has been arrested for charges including two felony counts of Assault with a Deadly Weapon With Intent to Kill.  On May 1st, Wayne County Deputies responded to a shots fired call at Boyettes Pond Road in Pikeville.  When arriving on the scene, deputies report several rounds had struck the residence while being occupied by an adult and juvenile. Lownes was identified as a suspect during the course of the investigation.  He’s been placed in the Wayne County Jail on a $200,000 secured bond.

Phillip Mathew Lownes


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    • The real Kialboots says:

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  2. adamrothman says:

    Interesting bonds, 1.5 mil for shooting someone in the leg, 75000 for robbing anf stabbing a roomate and 200k for shooting at a house.

  3. Theresa says:


  4. The real Kialboots says:

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  5. carter says:

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    • You says:

      Man stop with the sarcasm. That is old man. Ppl of all color commit comes and do bad things. When it’s a black person it’s “good ole thugsboro” or “slayne county”… When it’s a white person, it’s ignorant comments like this. Chill with that man. Actually, let us up here know your name and location, that way we can beat some sense into you. Maybe then you’d quit being so quick to jump down ppls throat and saying things that can go unsaid. You’re like a damn child. Grow up. Move if you don’t like the “libtards” and “thugs”. If you have already moved, good, stay that way and STFU

      • CJ says:

        “You”, I understand that the “real kialboots” can be a bit “abrasive” at times but understand this, the one posting here is not that person. It is someone that has “jacked” the name and for some strange reason, the GDN has allowed that person to do this same thing on several occasions to other legitimate commentors. The GDN has registration information on each of us that posts to this site and therefore should be able to realize that this individual is not “kialboots” and should stop them from posting under that name.


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