Saturday 22 Jul 2017


Gov. Cooper Says He’ll Veto State Budget

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper says he will veto the state budget put on his desk by Republican lawmakers.

Cooper made the announcement Monday, four days after the GOP-controlled legislature gave final approval to its two-year spending plan. Republicans are likely to override the veto because of substantial House and Senate majorities.

A budget veto has been anticipated. Cooper says the plan doesn’t spend enough on education when the state is in good economic times and growing.

Republicans say they gave Cooper items he wanted including several hundred million dollars for Hurricane Matthew relief, government building repairs and reserves for the next recession or disaster.

It’s the second time a North Carolina governor has vetoed a budget. The Republican-dominated Legislature overrode Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue’s veto in 2011.

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