Friday 20 Apr 2018


Goldsboro Receives National Main Street Designation

Goldsboro receives its National Main Street accreditation. This is an annual occurrence, according to Julie Metz, the Downtown Development Director for the City of Goldsboro.  Metz says there are certain standards that Goldsboro has to meet to achieve the National Main Street Accreditation, including reporting annual statistics, and demonstrating a commitment to downtown revitalization and historic preservation efforts.  Metz says the National Main Street designation is worthwhile since it can help draw people and businesses to Downtown Goldsboro.  39-communities in North Carolina, including Goldsboro, received the accreditation from the National Main Street Center this year.


  1. Jellybiscuit says:

    Previous commentators: Are you a redneck? You might be a redneck?

    • Carter says:

      Jellybiscut, you may be a Liberal!

      • Jellybiscuit says:

        Carter: Certainly no liberal here! However, unecessarily negative comments against the great work being done in Downtown Goldsboro accomplishes nothing.

        It only shows that many people definitely need to be exposed to more, than Friday Night Football, or watching 40 year old reruns of “The Carol Burnett Show.”

  2. Mark says:

    The buildings still look awful, a pressure washer, paint and new facades would help. Some of these buildings should have come down years ago. The only people that go downtown are the poor and the drunks. It is going to take more than an over priced fountain and some ugly art that looks like it came from a scrap yard. The last time I saw art like that it was in the 70s from a guy that was high on acid. Our city leaders only take photos of what they want others to see. If you stand in front of Maxways and look north you can see the side of the ugly buildings that look to be falling apart.

  3. BP says:

    That is the front page. If you turn the page, showing a block or two either side of Center Street, our town is a dump I hate to say. Appearances are deceiving.

  4. GPD says:

    They have to report annual statistics to qualify? Bet crime rate isn’t one of them..Or the amount of public housing,welfare rate or any other statistics Thugsboro is known for..


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