Friday 20 Apr 2018


Newby Legacy House Opened (PHOTO GALLERY)

Young men in Goldsboro who are homeless or displaced have a new safe place to regain their footing. On Friday, the 4 Day Movement dedicated and opened the Newby Legacy House in Goldsboro.   D.J. Coles is 4 Day Movement’s founder and CEO. He says the home will house the young men four at a time.  Coles says the young men ages 15-23 will have to exhibit positive behavior and keep up with their educations while at the Newby Legacy House.  The Newby House was made possible thanks in part to funding from Steven Newby. Newby is a Goldsboro native and he now leads Summit Midstream, an energy company in the Atlanta area.  Those interested in assisting with the Newby Legacy House, or any other 4 Day Movement efforts, can learn more online at

(NOTE: Goldsboro Daily News is not disclosing the address of the Newby Legacy House for confidentiality purposes.)


  1. Kelly tom says:

    Could we use the old cherry hospital, old prison for some type of homeless center have the homeless plant gardens on site. Some could cook ,paint,cut grass keep the place up earn your stay. Have volunteers from city/ County on schedule to monitor and one payed police officer to keep out any drugs or alcohol. There’s several building Steven mill road going to waste, set up volunteers like habitat for humanity for remodeling, local retailers may donate materials or other items of use I would sure volunteer my time and would encourage friends to as well

  2. rebekah says:

    This is great news, but needs to be enlarged by opening other locations around town or County through private donations. We have enough wealthy and un-wealthy people in this town to help with this. To not pitch in for a few other 4 day locations is selfish and heartless.. This type program is what will help those who are on the street make something of themselves, by getting education, and training in areas of work that suit them. Might or Will change their lives, rather than commit crime to stay alive. Some may have had parents who didn’t care enough to love and guide them through life. They may feel unloved, neglected and that they don’t matter, but we can make a difference in their lives. I think its great, and I would contribute a small amount, because small amounts add up to getting the homes ready for occupancy, to stop the criminal activity for those who want a chance in life they may never had before. That’s my thought on this matter. I cannot be answer any question about this, but the founder or managing person for the Newby Legacy should be able to. Thanks ! and May God bless this effort to help ohers withOUT government being involved.


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