Wednesday 25 Apr 2018


Rape Suspect Arrested Returning To Wayne County

A suspected rapist is busted as he attempts to return to Wayne County. On July 8th, a juvenile and her relatives reported she had been the victim of a sexual assault that occurred in a neighborhood off N.C. 111 South.  The suspect in the case, 36-year old Guadalupe C. Esquivel (aka Ricardo Vazquez Cortes) of Goldsboro, had reportedly left Wayne County and was possibly heading toward the southwest area of the U.S.  On Thursday, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office was informed Esquivel may be attempting to come back to the local area.  Law enforcement agencies were notified to be on the lookout for Esquivel’s vehicle, which was then spotted on I-95.  As Esquivel entered Wayne County on Highway 70, he was pulled over and arrested by authorities.  Esquivel is charged with 1st Degree Statutory Rape.  He was placed in the Wayne County Detention Center on a $500,000 bond.

Guadalupe Cruz Esquivel
(aka Ricardo Vazquez Cortes)


  1. karma says:

    Surgical (not Chemical) Castration will certainly ‘fix’ rapists like this.. it does happen and would not be the first.

  2. BP says:

    What in the world. The dude raped someone and will do the time. How do you get talking about our ancestors and natives wild Bill??? Stop going on rabbit trails and trying to make a speech out of this fella’s crime. They got another bad one off the streets, great job.

  3. kelly tom says:

    what race was ted bundy,charles manson,unibomber,what race are they. the wall wouldn’t help the victims of these killers WOULD IT ?

  4. You hide behind bed sheets says:

    Racism, hateful comments are they really consuming your life? Certainly I can see how racist have nothing better to do than to sit at home with their fat bellies while in their dirty underwear eating chips and those funky color red hotdogs. BUMS…Thats what you guys are. Hey this dude should go out and get punished for his deed. Putting the blame on not having a wall is just stupid.
    Is this the new “white thing”? Blame criminal activities because we dont have wall. Stupidity at its best? BTW look up Michael Pierucki , A neighbor of mine few years ago. He was white. His crime..Crime against nature and rape. Will building a wall prevent a white rapes? Black Rapes? Hispanic Rapes? Asian Rapes? European Rapes Rapes? If they do please let me know. We can carpool together down to the border and give them a hand with the build. I just have one more question. Can you bring those funky red hotdogs or did Mexico say that they are willing to pay for those dogs 2?

  5. Please says:

    Just today on Wral white guy in jail for rapping a 9 Year old. There is good and bad in all races. Your race does not determine the type of person you are or your religion. Sorry.

  6. kelly tom says:

    I hope those inmates bore him out real good

  7. karma says:

    Prime example of why to Build That Wall NOW! Especially with TWO Names like this thug uses. Guadalupe Cruz Esquivel / Ricardo Vazquez Cortes.

    • gettin tired says:

      no punishment is good enough for him……he needs to pay dearly for this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Billy says:

      First think back on how we ended up in the “The United States Of America” our ancestors gruesomely kick the natives out of the states , did the Indians build a wall ?? People like you have no common sense and automatically assume that just because a different race committed a crime they all will be like him. No! What about all the other rapist ?? Most of them are white but no one says anything . That’s why it’s best to keep your mouth shut and just move on because as he , there will be many . Sure he should serve the maximum punishment but don’t back your statement with “build the wall” because siren enough we all will be paying for that so called “walk”


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