Saturday 22 Jul 2017


Man Robbed While Riding In Vehicle

A Goldsboro man reports he was robbed with a gun to his head. The armed robbery was reported to the Goldsboro Police Department in the early morning hours Monday.  The victim stated he was riding in a vehicle on the 100-block of Ervin Drive when another passenger pointed a gun at his head and demanded money.  The unknown black male suspect took over $300 in items, including the victim’s cash, cellphone, and shorts.  The victim was then let out of the vehicle.


  1. Mark says:

    They even took the poor mans shorts……

  2. kelly tom says:

    meant ( that went well )

  3. GPD says:

    I smell fish..Drug deal gone bad..

  4. W/M says:

    Once again, no surprise here.


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