Tuesday 22 Aug 2017


Attorney General Forced To Cut Staff

(North Carolina News Network)–North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein Thursday announced the Department of Justice has had to downsize. Stein says he was forced to eliminate 45 positions in the DOJ.  Stein said the cuts are the result of the General Assembly’s drastic cut to the DOJ’s budget. Due to these cuts, the state will lose decades of experience in prosecuting criminals, keeping criminals behind bars, ensuring safe drinking water and protecting taxpayers from potential liability.


  1. kelly tom says:

    ap parts in goldsboro cut the wages of employs so not to lay people off why doesn’t doj do the same ? this was back in late 90’s/2000

  2. Poopgonzalez says:

    Keeping criminals behind bars? Please notice all other articles, where bonds are extremely low, and repeat offenders continue to break the law, are released, arrested, released, arrested…etc etc….
    Goldsboro daily news, where is the video and article about the fight at circle k?
    Does this not fit your narrative?

    Noticed my comments were not allowed again.
    Freedom of speech is a right, a right if you own a printing press and a nazi moderator.


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