Tuesday 22 Aug 2017


Fatal ATV Crash At Busco Beach

One person is dead following an overnight ATV crash at Busco Beach.

Around 12:10 am Saturday, the Wayne County 911 Center received a call regarding a four-wheeler crash at Busco Beach in Goldsboro with three people injured. The caller advised that a 30-year old male subject was unresponsive and CPR was being started by citizens. It was also reported that there were two females involved and injured. Mar-Mac first responders, Mar-Mac VFD, and Wayne EMS were dispatch to the crash scene. Upon arrival of first responders and EMS, the male subject, later determined to be the driver, was declared deceased at the scene and the two females were transported to Wayne UNC Health Care.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office was notified of the crash. A crime scene detective responded to process the scene. The North Carolina Highway Patrol was also contacted to respond due to the crash involving a fatality.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office reports the evidence at the scene shows the driver was operating a “side by side” utility vehicle at Busco Beach and hit a mound of dirt. After hitting the mound of dirt, the utility vehicle then proceeded to roll over. The individuals were outside of the utility vehicle upon the arrival of first responders. The individuals involved were from out of town and the names are being withheld at this time until proper notifications can be made.


  1. Mark says:

    Once the county takes jurisdiction over this area they need to close it down, there is so much drug use and drug busts down there as well as the injuries and deaths that have occurred. This is a business like all others and should not be open. Close and lock the gates to the public. Does this place have a license to operate? Insurance? Something needs to be done about this hole in the world and soon

  2. kailbots says:

    The county continues to allow people to die there all in the name of tax income.

  3. Robert says:

    Sorry this happen. But instead of forcing helmets they need to enforce no alcohol. And nobody can say that the wreck and deaths has decreased. And it is not a child environment when most ppl are drinking and riding a ticking time bomb.
    How many ppl will it take to get killed to close it down. Wait tho it’s abt money not life. But nobody can say it’s a safe place children. Well the ones that go out there and get drunk can. They don’t no any better.

  4. BP says:

    Just another Friday night in Goldsboro.

  5. You says:

    Massive fight at circle K on Wayne last night. Wonder why that’s not up here. Full video too. Police didn’t even show up

    • W/M says:

      Because the Police were smart and let natural selection take it’s course.

    • Dr. Phil says:

      So, Goldsboro Daily News, since I know you will read this before it’s posted, WHY NO STORY ABOUT THE FIGHT AT CIRCLE K??? STOP HIDING WHAT REALLY GOES ON IN THIS TOWN!!! Has the swamp trickled down all the way to Goldsboro? Watch the video! And liberals want to limit my ammo and where I can carry a firearm. SMH. I’m sick of it!

    • Poopgonzalez says:

      Nope, its too politically incorrect to post white on white crime.
      Just like the circle k. 100% all whites.

      I liked it at around 8-9 minutes…..Hands up, cant breath.

      #blm #blmisajoke #whereisrevbarber


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