Tuesday 22 Aug 2017


1 Arrested, 1 At Large In Bank Robbery Case

One suspect is arrested and one is still on the run following last week’s robbery of the Wells Fargo Bank on the 300-block of E. Ash Street in Goldsboro. The Goldsboro Police Department reports 46-year old Monquitta Y. Kees of Goldsboro was taken into custody Thursday without incident.  Her bond was set at $1,500 as she faces charges of Conspiracy to Commit Robbery and Felonious Accessory After the Fact.  44-year old Andre L. Coley of Goldsboro, the second suspect in the August 2nd Wells Fargo robbery, is still at large and it is believed he may be in Maryland.  Coley is wanted on the charge of Common Law Robbery.


  1. BIGBOB says:

    Good thing she did not kick her dog bond would have been $25.000

  2. JMHO says:

    Are. You. Serious? $!500??????

    Agreeing with getting tired & kelly tom.

    Evidently we need some new leadership in Wayne County.

  3. gettin tired says:

    Are you serious?????….this is her bond…..OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..I AGREE this must be a mistake.

  4. kelly tom says:

    $ 1,500.00 dollars this has got to be a misprint


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