Tuesday 22 Aug 2017


Additional Money In Helping Home Fund

Duke Energy has extra funding to provide home energy makeovers for North Carolina homeowners that are income eligible. The $2.5 million is being added to Duke Energy’s Helping Home Fund, and the additional funding should assist 700 income-qualified North Carolinians.  Meredith Archie is with Duke Energy.  Archie says since Duke Energy launched the Helping Home Fund in 2015, free energy and cost-saving upgrades have been provided to 29 families in Wayne County and more than 3,500 families in North Carolina.  To learn more about taking advantage of the Helping Home Fund, you can contact the Wayne Action Group for Economic Solvency at 919-734-1178 or visit the North Carolina Community Action website or Duke Energy’s website.

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  1. Poopgonzalez says:

    Another handout.


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