Monday 18 Jun 2018


City Receives Update On ShotSpotter

Detect. Protect.  Connect.  That’s the purpose of the ShotSpotter system currently deployed throughout the City of Goldsboro.  This week, the Goldsboro City Council received an update on the ShotSpotter technology from Phil Dailly, the Shot Spotter Director for the Southeast region.  He says there were over 300 ShotSpotter alerts in Goldsboro over the past 12 months.  Dailly says ShotSpotter can provide officers with an accurate location of the gunfire within 30-60 seconds.  Dailly says, by utilizing the ShotSpotter technology, officers are able to respond quickly to potential gunfire incidents, which gives the community more faith in its police force. Goldsboro has been a ShotSpotter customer since July of 2016, and the technology covers over three-square miles.


  1. Jon says:

    Maybe for all those that are saying it hasn’t worked. Maybe you should go ask the Chief and look at the police reports. This has been a great tool in Kinston and should working the same in Goldsboro.

  2. JD Smith says:

    There were only 200 shots fired in Afganastan.

  3. FNA says:

    Must be working, theres only a shooting about every other day now!

  4. No way says:

    Wow more money down the drain oh wait we are paying for that again too storm water fee . If the shot spotter can tell there are shots fired does it take a picture of the shooter ? That might help not sure how it works or does not work. As a tax payer I think we should know how will it benefit us. How many people were killed this year ? I do not think we are getting a good return on this.

  5. kialboots says:

    The question is..Why are there so many shootings? Answer: libtard crony leadership and the welfare programs they promote.. They’re addicted to government handouts and use the guise of caring for and wanting to help minorities.. All a lie and only used to line their pockets and build their little utopia in,on and around center street..

  6. Really! says:

    So! This is the biggest waste of money. Keystone Cops running around accomplishing nothing. How many arrests have been made because of this device? How many investigations have they opened and then solved? And the integrity and accuracy of this program should be taken into question. We had the he police show up at our house at 11am there were shots fired in our driveway according to their technology. This did not happen, we were outside working in our yard and heard nothing. Who knows what this device picked up on but one thing is for sure the officers running around trying to find out were made to look like fools. Before our city puts one more dime into this, somebody needs to be asking what results have been made other than chasing noise. Just saying this is a waste of money and resources? We deserve a refund if you want FAKE NEWS this is an example.

    • Waynecountynative says:

      Please stop using this ridiculous “Fake News” label. If you disagree with some policy then share your opinions but “Fake News” refers to something made up without basis in fact, like the Pizzagate fraud or much of the other conspiracy trash spread by Alex Jones and others. This article was a straightforward airing of information. Please be responsible and learn the difference.

      • Really! says:

        I do know the difference. The Fake News part of this is being spun by Phil Daily the director of this program. This technology is a waste of money and he must spin the story and the information he is feeding city officials into something it is not. If Shotspotter is such a benefit then why was he not reporting to the city council the number of arrests that were made, the number of crimes helped solved, the number of guns confiscated. We do not need to spend money on a service that has our officers running around the city chasing noises.So in my opinion calling the program a success because we as citizens have more faith in the police is farce. Follow the money who is really getting paid to provide this service.

        • Waynecountynative says:

          That’s a difference of opinion and a very pertinent fact to debate. However the fact remains that it isn’t “Fake News”. Given that broad of a definition anything that one disagrees with would be “fake news”, an argument that is pretty silly.

    • Adam rothman says:

      Waynecountynative you are fake news.


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