Tuesday 19 Jun 2018


DWI Suspect Arrested After Fleeing Checkpoint

The REACT Team makes a drunk driving arrest after a suspect flees a checkpoint. Officers with the Wayne County REACT Team had set up the checking station on S. Slocumb Street near the Goldsboro Event Center Thursday night.  A vehicle driven by 67-year old Victor L. Cox of Goldsboro reportedly failed to stop at the checkpoint after 10:30 PM.  Officers gave chase and stopped the vehicle after a brief pursuit.  Cox was allegedly found in possession of marijuana and his blood-alcohol content was recorded at 0.19.  He was held at the Wayne County Detention Center on a $25,000 secured bond.

Victor Lamar Cox


  1. gettin tired says:

    Well he’s a grown man and he ought to know better…..especially with that high blood alcohol, He could have killed someone or ran over someone.

  2. Kelly tom says:

    In Sundays paper (news argus) a 25 year old j Gerchman felony larceny of a firearm, felony poss. Of a stolen firearm BOND AMOUNT $ 3,000.00 I know there are guidelines set up for bond amounts but this is ridiculous. If there’s a min/max the max should be given to repeat offenders.

  3. BIGBOB says:

    High bond is right.
    If he had been big time dealer he would have got a $5.000 dollar bond.
    Guess that’s because if some of the drugs got missing the dealer would not speak up. Anyone got any comment on what I’m talking about if you read the news you will.Only seen it one time in the local news.

    • kelly tom says:

      they were drug enforcement officers, mishandling of evidence from a locked room. sure did, as jones stated keep this on the down low.

  4. CJ says:

    $25,OOO….That’s a heck of a lot of Social Security checks!

  5. kelly tom says:

    bond wise, your better off having a gun and shooting at someone because the bond would be much lower. if they catch the newport thief hell his bond could exceed $ 50,000.00 dollars or more.

  6. Carter says:

    If he was 17 to 30 years old he would have only $500 / $1000 bond!


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