Tuesday 21 Aug 2018


Improvements For Former W.A. Foster

Goldsboro’s former W.A. Foster Recreation Center will get a bit of a makeover. Last week, the Goldsboro City Council approved nearly $179,000 in work for the former rec center that was constructed back in the 1930’s.  The work will include partial asbestos abatement, some roof repairs, and a new HVAC system.  Under the approved scope of work, the aged facility will not be demolished.  The estimates for the former W.A. Foster Recreation Center work ranged from $59,000 for demolition and asbestos abatement up to over $210,000 for full asbestos abatement with numerous repairs and updates.



  1. Adamrothman says:

    Ah just another ghetto adult daycare center. Just like the park that descent people are afraid to go to.

  2. Isn’t it ironic that the old center is being preserved (at taxpayers’ expense) as being “rich in African-American history” while monuments that are deemed to be of “white historical” significance are being vilified and taken down all over the south? Kind of a double standard, isn’t it?

  3. Taylor says:

    Why do we have to spent money on something that we do not need The city built a new place why don’t we just get A&K over there and let them take care of it
    We would be money ahead that is for sure

  4. CJ says:

    The 2 times that I’ve been to the new center, (in the middle of the day), all I saw was about 30-40 perfectly healthy-looking men between the ages of
    18-60 who were there shooting pool and playing basketball. I wouldn’t mind having funded this facility if it was for the youth as originally indicated but most of these men could be out working. Do they have to pay any kind of fees or membership dues to enjoy the facilities there or is this just another “handout” that we taxpayers fund? People gripe about the Goldsboro Municipal Golf Course being a burden to the taxpayers but at least it generates money through membership dues and other fees. If private groups want to save the old facility, let them raise the money to pay to rehab it. Quit “sticking it to the taxpayers”….

  5. RC says:

    How much is the new W.A. Foster Center being utilized? Is it getting booked for special events?

  6. Kelly tom says:

    That is what we ( citizens) were lead to believe when the money was being spent on the new one boy did we (citizens) get shafted our city officials are something else.

  7. CJ says:

    I thought that the reason the new facility was built was because this old facility was too costly to renovate and bring up to standards due to the asbestos and other issues. Our tax money built the new facility so why are we now wasting more money to renovate the old one?


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