Friday 21 Sep 2018


Sex Offender Arrested For Being On School Grounds

A convicted sex offender is busted for allegedly being on school grounds. Last week Monday, 35-year old Daryl L. Locklear of Goldsboro was reportedly on the grounds of Sothern Wayne High School.  This was violation of the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry.  The information was turned over to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, and Locklear has since been charged with Sex Offender Unlawfully on Premises.  He was placed in the Wayne County Jail on $5,000 secured bond.

Daryl Linwood Locklear


  1. And That's That says:

    RACE IS NOT AN ISSUE GAIL !!!! Good Lord !! I’m getting SICK of people using the race card !! The only oppressed race are the Hispanics. It’s 2017.. this country owes NOTHING to any race !! Handouts, grants, free education. There is NO excuse for being a parasite to tax payers.
    Mr Locklear should be hung. There’s no shortage of the human race.

    • Gail says:

      No oppressed race? The oblivion of whites. Good day in dream land. Oh yeah, and this country does owe…. the Native Americans….BIG TIME!

  2. RLBarnes says:

    You people are a trip, you don’t know me or what I’ve been through. I didn’tchoose to be this way, I’ve always worked until I got hurt. I am highly mad, I’m going to take some darn zzzquil and liquid Benadryl and rest, you people are troublemakers plain and simple, better mind your business and leave me and mine alone!

    • Kelly tom says:

      Your right no one wakes up and thinks I’ll hurt my back today.But larceny, poss.stolen good are a choice.chew on that big boy.One more thing you bully your family around but not the working,law abiding citizens in wayne county pop a pill or two and you STFU fat boy.good day

      • sock monkey says:

        You go Kelly Tom!!
        He is a hot mess… But quick to try and call someone else out and comment on almost ever story.. What a life he lives in ‘Rosewood’

  3. sock monkey says:

    Does he have a kid that goes to that school?
    Why was he there was in waiting in the car pool line or walking around the school?
    Just another reason everyone should stay up to date on offers someone knew him or of him and that why he was caught.

  4. Gail says:

    No worries, he wasn’t going to touch anyone, he was just enjoying the view.

    • kelly tom says:

      Gail why did you comment about money on the other article (Mr. McCullen ) death your an idiot ,And seems like Rocket Lips Barnes my be digging a hole for him self he may not be able to crawl out of with his bad back and seems he always high on pain pills and turns to cough med. to get his fix. the truth comes out sooner then later.

  5. Kelly tom says:

    Back in February he was charged with being on Facebook $ 2,000 dollar bond now charged with being on school property. NCDC Web site has him being convicted of 2 indecent liberties with a child only received 2 years in jail.He needs to rot in prison.This is not the way our court system should protect children.

    • Gail says:

      That’s because most the “higher ups” are perverse themselves. Secondly, Mr Locklear has the complexion for the protection.

  6. kialboots says:

    Get him to prison. They have a unique way of dealing with sex offenders.

  7. Kelly tom says:

    Only $ 5,000 dollar bond

  8. RLBarnes says:

    Bond should be 5 million dollars, guarantee he will bond out and have a young girl pregnant by dark, perverted thug!!!


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