Friday 21 Sep 2018


N.C. Ranks Low For Teachers

(NORTH CAROLINA NEWS NETWORK) — A national study out last week showed North Carolina is one of the worst states in the U.S. to be a teacher, North Carolina was 45th on WalletHub’s ranking of 2017 Best and Worst States for Teachers, finishing as the seventh-worst state on a list that included all 50 states and the District of Columbia according to WalletHub. Spokesperson Jill Gonzales says there are some areas where North Carolina is better, including lower student to teacher ratios.  The top five states, according to WalletHub, are New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

You can find the full WalletHub report here.


  1. Rocky says:

    They get nights, weekends, holidays and summers off, what more do they want. Can’t have a dream schedule and make 200 thousand a year, what a joke. My baby Pam works nights, evenings, holidays and weekends as a LPN, try working her schedule then get back with me and tell me how bad you have it. If you hate it you can always go to North Korea and join Rocket Maaaannnnnn.

    • Waynecountynative says:

      Get real man. I don’t know any teachers who aren’t constantly asked to give up nights, weekends, and even holidays to grade papers, plan lessons, hold conferences, contact parents, and fill the hundreds of other roles that NO ONE in schools get paid to do. And those summers that people are so fond of referencing are UNPAID.

      • Rocky says:

        Well well, I guess they are supposed to make 200 grand during their summers off in Hawaii, meanwhile I guess my baby Pam is supposed to make a little over minimum wage as a nurse working 8-16 hr shifts on evenings, nights, weekends and holidays and summers. Not!! Have some dam respect for nurses and CNAs idiot.

  2. YGTBSM! says:

    Where does NC rank for crime rete & thugs?


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