Friday 21 Sep 2018


N.C. Gun Laws Receive “D-Minus” Grade

(NORTH CAROLINA NEWS NETWORK) — While the nation mourns the lives lost and injuries from the deadliest shooting rampage in its history, questions are emerging about how to prevent future incidents. A national report card from the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence indicates North Carolina isn’t doing enough to prevent gun violence, giving the state a “D minus” for its current laws. Laura Cutilletta, legal director of the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, says the Tar Heel State has a big loophole.  North Carolina allows a person to buy a long gun from an unlicensed seller without a background check.  North Carolina leads the nation in gun theft and gun-store break-ins, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.  The Center recommends that North Carolina require background checks on all gun sales, prohibit the possession of guns in bars, and limit the number of firearms that can be purchased at one time.


  1. Jim Wiseman says:

    Maybe we should outlaw breaking hotel windows. Or make hammers illegal. JUST DO SOMETHING!!!!

  2. Pat Orsban says:

    Socialists and Communists always give high grades to regimes that disarms all the victims. I see LCPGV is living the dream.

    Funny how so many leftist officials like to see victims disarmed, all while protecting and pardoning criminals.

    Evil, they are.

  3. Vince says:

    This “D-“ grade is of course relative to your position on firearms. You are either pro gun or anti gun, there is no in between.

    • Waynecountynative says:

      The problem is that people believe there is no in between. One side wants to strip every firearm away from every owner and the other side believes that anyone should be able to own any weapons they wish. What’s needed is a responsible adult conversation about common sense laws that everyone should be able to agree on.

  4. Vince DiSena says:

    That is a statement relative to your position on firearm ownership in NC. You’re either pro gun or anti gun, there or s no in between.

  5. Mark Leedom says:

    I have a hard time taking seriously the recommendation that additional background checks be added when the problem seems to be firearms being acquired by theft.

    • Jay Hanig says:

      It appears that most of these crazies all passed their background checks, so how are background checks going to fix the problem? There seems to be a definite disconnect here.

      If they ever made background checks truly universal, how would you enforce compliance? If a man is willing to commit murder, I’d assume he’s willing to blow off a background check. There is always a black market willing to fill the needs that can’t be filled legitimately. Don’t they sell street drugs in your city?

  6. Sezwho? says:

    Over half a million people are intentionally killed every year by vacuum cleaners, forceps, scalpels, and saline solutions. Are they going to ban those? There is no constitutional right to those things, but “the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.”

  7. Sezwho? says:

    NC isn’t even in the top 20 for gun deaths (2013). Above just one example. The Law Centers’ grading and conclusions are all wrong. I challenge the New Argus print “the rest of the story”.

  8. Carter says:

    Sounds like you got their number!

  9. Kelly tom says:

    Texas ranks highest in both

  10. Anonymous says:

    Definitely a biased survey and story. Might as well be on WRAL. So North Carolina leads the nation in gun thefts and gun store break-ins? And this WELL educated group thinks that more background checks, not carrying guns in bars, and limiting the number of guns that can be purchased at one time is going to stop gun violence. WHAT A CROCK!!! Might as well ban spoons for making people fat. Criminals are going to break the law!

    • CJ says:

      Exactly! It’s not the legal, gun-toting citizens that you need to be in fear of, it’s the punks & wannabe thugs who think that carrying a gun makes them a real man. “Real men” (and women) are the ones carrying weapons in Iraq & Afghanistan and the ones patrolling our cities & counties. These are the ones who are sacrificing life & limb while these criminals prey on society. We need judges who will throw the book at convicted criminals, lock them up & keep them there. Build more prisons & hire more personnel if we must.

      • YGTBSM! says:

        No new “luxury” prisons. What’s needed is WWII style, bare bones internment camps, with misery served daily! Might keep first offenders from repeating. Make the Camp mandatory for gun toting felons, at least 2 years just for the gun. More if it was used, plus time for the crime. Send identify thieves & drug dealers there too!


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