Thursday 20 Sep 2018


100 Fold Asks City For Funds

A new mentoring program is asking for city assistance.

Bobby Harvey, the President of the Mary Wooten Harvey Foundation, came to the Goldsboro City Council last week and asked for the city to contribute $5,000 to the 100 Fold mentoring program, roughly 25% of the initiative’s funding goal.  Harvey says mentoring programs like 100 Fold are vital to the community.

The 100 Fold mentoring program, working with the Mary Wooten Harvey Foundation, is looking for professionals ages 25 and up to mentor Goldsboro High School students.

Mark Colebrook with 100 Fold told the Goldsboro City Council last week they’re in the process of matching the mentees with their mentors, and the goal is to have the mentors work with the mentees throughout their high school careers.  Colebrook says they initially intended to only mentor males, but they’ve expanded to work with females as well.

The Goldsboro City Council is considering the funding request for the mentoring initiative.


  1. Rocky says:

    Not going to get a dam dime of mine and Pams money I can tell you that. Don’t even call and ask, you will get cussed out and don’t dare show up on my property. I’m in the process of getting a doorbell that sounds like gunshots, will be cool. Pam also says if someone showas up on our porch this weekend during her tIme off that is well deserved, she will spray them away with wasp spray and I don’t blame her. Leave us alone.

  2. Gail says:

    Go Bobby. I hope the funding goes through for something positive rather than toward switching dinosaurs on Center street.

  3. CJ says:

    Our illustrious city council again considering wasting our tax dollars on programs that only line the pockets of the promoters. Hope they take the time to check our these people and their backgrounds. My guess would be that Councilman Antonio WIlliams probably has his hand in this organization too….


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