Tuesday 11 Dec 2018


Cox Pond Road Meth & Drug Arrests

Two Mount Olive residents are arrested and charged following a six month drug investigation by the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.  The sheriff’s office had received multiple drug complaints regarding the address of 579 Cox Pond Road.

On Saturday, deputies stopped a vehicle leaving the residence and report finding items of illegal contraband, including marijuana and meth pipes.  35-year old Somer H. Hill of the Cox Pond Road residence was charged with possessing those items, and she was held on a $50,000 bond.

A search warrant was then executed at the residence on Sunday, and multiple items of illegal contraband/drugs were recovered along with a stolen firearm.  32-year old Bryant Cansler was arrested for charges including Possession with Intent to Sell Schedule II and IV, Possession of Meth Precursor, and Parole Violation.  Cansler was detained on a no bond hold.

Bryant Cansler

Somer Herring Hill


  1. Anonymous says:

    Support them if you wish, help them if you can. We have sympathy for addicts too but make no mistake. These addicts we read about here are thieves and murderers and they deserve all the ridicule they are getting. You two are enablers.

  2. StopSnitchin919 says:

    Prime example of jelousy y’all open your eyes get your own stuff and stop hating on Sumer for doing what she had to do to survive this isn’t a easy world to make it in a somer hill is one of the nicest ladies I know and I guarantee she has never done anything to anyone of yall that are running her name in the dirt on these comments or in general

  3. Crystal Thompson says:

    Just an observation, but feeling rather dignified as I speak from actual experience and not just blowing smile out my $&@. You ladies sound real classy, the tone, rather condescending- talking about things you obviously have not been educated on. I don’t know the young lady in question , but it seems to me you al represent the real problem and are a prime example of what ignorance resembles. You see, there’s no reason to name call or finger point, especially when you haven’t a clue and are making yourselves look like beauty salon bible thumpers, who are probably over weight, hooked on some prescriptions n pill, or at the least you are bitter because you failed at marriage- and subconsciously you prey on others misfortunes and try to amplify their tragedy in order to distract yourselves and others from your own failures. What you faint hearted women fail to see is the humane side of this woman, you haven’t a clue what trauma or mental illness first caused her to find comfort in being numb. I bet deep down somewhere you may even envy her for finding freedom in something you would never have the courage to try. – of course you’d never admit that, he’ll you won’t even reveal your true names when mocking and finger pointing. Just a word of advice, from a worthless meth head with tons of experience- your tactics are no better at dealing with your insecurities and problems than mine or ms. Hills. Just a different vessel only we don’t verbally attack you for no reason, because , frankly, people like you don’t measure up that high on our doctor scale, in fact, you don’t measure up at all. Now, I am sure there will be tons of sarcastic meth head jokes to follow, I have a few of my own- lol and I can laugh at yours because I MAY BE AN ADDICT, however I AM CONFIDENT IN MY CHARACTOR AND MY HEART and INTENTION enough that your snide comments don’t affect me. Now take that to church this Sunday 😉 but be sure you tell the pastor who you are!

    • Kelly Tom says:

      Please get the help you need if you are a addict and then try to help somer,you and others can find other ways to deal with trauma.drugs are a short term fix rehab is long term.

  4. kelly tom says:

    thick neck,looks like a football player

  5. Phil says:

    Hopefully she will be sent off to prison for a long while this time. Keep her troublemaking a$$ off the streets!

  6. Zeke says:

    Pure trash. They need some serious time to get straight. Let them out at 80.

  7. Rocky B says:

    keep giving her 500.00 bonds or less this is what happens

    • Anonymous says:

      If they had required a $20,000 bond after her last appearance, do you think she might have tried harder to get clean?

      • Done With GB says:

        Get clean? No I would not expect that; not from this one. How about a reasonably high bond to possibly keep her off the street. Maybe she would not have this new charge. At the very least whoever fronted the bond would be trying to watch her. It is not about her welfare any longer. It is about trying to limit her impact on the community.

      • kelly tom says:

        no but 6 months or more waiting on court date would dry her out

  8. Gail says:

    Oooooohhhhhhhh nooooooooooo!

  9. Anonymous says:

    What kind of prize does Somer win for her third appearance in as many months? She’s keeper!

    • kialboots says:

      Yup. Three times since Aug 1, 2017. An upstanding member of society.

      Let her OD as that is in the queue next. There is no rehab that can clean her up.

      • Gail says:

        Be nice if you would. Seem like the type that’ll OD off of mayo, cheese, and bacon sandwiches, along with your “diet” Coke.


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