Tuesday 13 Nov 2018


Authorities Identify La Grange Shooting Victims

The Lenoir County Sheriff’s Office has released new information on the early Sunday morning shooting in La Grange that left three people dead.

The sheriff’s office responded to the shooting on the 300-block of W. Queen Street around 1:15 AM Sunday morning.  Deputies found four gunshot victims at the residence and three of those victims were pronounced dead at the scene.  The sheriff’s office reports the shooting appears to have stemmed from a botched robbery at the location.  Armed suspects apparently entered the outbuilding and demanded money from the occupants that were playing cards inside.

One of the decedents at the scene, Jerrell M. Pridgen of Goldsboro, is believed to have been one of the suspects that attempted to commit the robbery.  It’s unclear how Pridgen was shot during the incident.

The two other victims killed in the robbery have been identified as John W. Johnson, Jr. of Sumter, SC and Roderick W. Gillett of La Grange.

Investigators are still trying to piece together how the shooting played out and learn the identities of the other suspects.  Anyone with information regarding this crime is asked to contact the Lenoir County Sheriff’s Office at 252-559-6118, submit a tip to Lenoir County Crime Stoppers at 252-523-4444, or email a tip to the Lenoir County Sheriff’s Office through their website, lenoircountysheriff.com.


  1. Kelly Tom says:

    Suspect shot and killed, high bonds, Looks like Lenoir county is doing things the right way tackling crime head on,and taken names later. GOOD FOR THEM

  2. kialboots says:

    Problem solved..

  3. Carter says:

    Thugs from Goldsboro branching out to other towns!

  4. I wonder if this is the same Jerrell Pridgen who apparently was convicted of 2 manslaughter charges and actually served less than 2 & 1/2 years? It appears that he was released in June of this year even though he’d apparently either attempted or succeeded in an escape while in prison. Naw…I must be mistaken….I’m sure he was a good boy who got mixed up with the wrong crowd but was trying to get his life straight……

    • joey says:

      I checked, there is a man by the same name that did time for what you said. The same man ? Who knows
      If you goggle North Carolina Department Of Public Safety
      Offender Public Information you will find the website listed in google as NC DPS: Criminal Offender Searches.Once at the site click Search by name or inmate ID

    • Kelly Tom says:

      He was probably let out because of overcrowding,and good behavior.


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