Wednesday 14 Nov 2018


City Approves Plans For Old Goldsboro Fire Station

There are plans for a former Goldsboro fire station. Last week, the Goldsboro City Council approved the site and landscape plan for the former fire station at 109 East Ash Street.  The plan calls for the rehabilitation of the over 11,000-square foot fire station.  A fitness center is planned for the 1st floor of the structure, and the 2nd floor would be used for an assembly/event space.  At this point, only 53-parking spaces are proposed for the property, but the requirement for the property would be just over 100.  So additional parking spaces will need to be added or the city will have to modify the parking requirement.


  1. kialboots says:

    Will the area be safe? Good luck stopping the COOP from expanding.

  2. YGTBSM! says:

    Would city employees use a garage there? Crossing Ash St. would be a safety challenge for some. Maybe GWTA could run a shuttle to the courthouse and Paramount. Could the garage be kept safe, esp. after sundown?
    Agree we have enough fitness centers already.

  3. Ondrea b Rogers says:

    Why not a place for all the homeless people sleeping on center street in the cold ♡ fix it up for them let them do work inside and outside of it for their keep!

  4. Michael Kelly says:

    Why not a Parking Garage to house all the City employees?? The City has been looking for aq place for such a Building.the place is very close to City Hall!!

  5. 2ft says:

    Really we dont need another fitness center they need keep the museam plans

  6. Kelly Tom says:

    Another chuckie scam

    • Waynecountynative says:

      Personally, I’m just glad to see something going in that space. The more abandoned buildings taken up by new shops and businesses the better!


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