Tuesday 13 Nov 2018


Suspect Enters Vehicle, Forces Victim To Take Him To ATM

A person tells Goldsboro Police a man jumped into her car and forced her to drive to several ATM’s to withdraw money. The incident allegedly occurred November 3rd, but was not reported to the Goldsboro Police Department until November 9th.  The 19-year old female says the suspect entered her vehicle and stated he had a gun.  The victim ended up driving the suspect to four different ATM’s before the suspect exited the vehicle.  $100 was listed as stolen in the GPD report.


  1. Kelly Tom says:

    She got rent money out to do drugs he said he would pay her back,he lied so she had to come up with something to tell landlord ( that what it sounds like )

  2. Seems odd says:

    4 ATMs, $100, 6 days? Seems odd. Why not lock your doors?

    • U KNOW says:

      I thought the same thing. U can get $500 a day out of atm. Why would they take a chance at going to lots of different atm’s knowing your on camera instead of what this story states.????

  3. kialboots says:

    This is why people should carry. Clean the gene pool. Will certainly stop the bad behavior.

  4. Joe Zingher says:

    There’s a much deeper story here. Remember Gary Michael Hilton and murders of Jack and Irene Bryant? Hilton had 85 murders to his credit. ” “Worldwide, the banking industry has used its political control over countries to prevent police from tracking forced ATM withdrawals because it would harm the business model, and, in doing so, they made it easier for criminals to avoid arrest,” says Zingher.”

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why did she wait 6 days to report it? Seems odd.

  6. gettin tired says:

    It’s a shame she wasn’t carrying……


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