Wednesday 19 Jun 2019

Flynn Admits He Lied To FBI In Russia Probe

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Trump administration national security adviser Michael Flynn is admitting in a statement that his actions were wrong, and he says his guilty plea is in the best interests of his family and the country.

Flynn released a statement Friday after pleading guilty in federal court in Washington to lying to the FBI about his contacts during the post-election transition period with the Russian ambassador.

He says he’s cooperating with an investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller and his team of prosecutors. That investigation is examining potential contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia.

As part of a plea deal, Flynn has reportedly admitted that a senior member of the Trump transition team directed him to make contact with Russian officials in December 2016.

Flynn also says he’s been subjected to false accusations.

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Photo from White House


  1. Kelly tom says:

    How many Trump supporters would let Trump manage their retirement accounts????Mark Cuban said it best, NO ONE has ever come forward and said I done a business deal with Trump and made money.

  2. betablocker says:

    yo trump, Bernie Madoff called. he said he’s keeping your cell cot warm! and for anyone yammering on about Hillary, as far as I’m concerned her and dotard BOTH deserve a jail cell.

    • BP says:

      Thankfully we could care less about what you are concerned about. Trump is doing a fantastic job: stocks highest EVER, jobs increasing, getting close to a tax CUT! All and much, much more within his first year. Stop watching CNN and MSNBC and the Nightly News. They are headhunters. Whether you like it or not, Trump has another 7 ( 🙂 ) years and he wants to do great things for America if Congress would cooperate. Seems like EVERYBODY is against our President, and they are being consistently proven wrong. This Russian collusion story has been drug on for over a year with no evidence, but the news has harped it so long that the weak-minded believe it. Don’t be deceived my friend. The proof is in his works, not words.

  3. Hahaha says:

    Yay!!! Let the 12 days of Christmas begin….1 crook set to bring down the other crook. Love it!! And Wayne Country supported this criminal joker and his criminal cabinet! What happened to “I know the best people” LOL All his supporters got duped to vote in the rich white guy that’s going to raise their taxes…No sympathy


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