Sunday 19 May 2019

Another Arrest In N. Herman Street Murder

The Goldsboro Police Department makes a second arrest in the November 21st fatal shooting on N. Herman Street.  23-year old Octavius Thompson of Elm City, NC has been charged with an open count of Murder for last month’s shooting that left 42-year old Sammy L. Evans dead.  Thompson was arrested Tuesday on the 200-block of E. Walnut Street without incident.  He’s being lodged at the Wayne County Detention Center under no bond.  26-year old Aijalon D. Dove of Goldsboro has also already been arrested and charged with an open count of Murder in relation to the case.

Octavius Thompson



  1. Kialboots says:

    He’s being lodged at the detention center. That is classic journalism there. Only in Thugsboro…

    Send him to death row.

    • gettin tired says:

      EXACTLY !!!!!!!!!!!!! Where’s the NAACP trying to fix their problems. Seems like everyday there is a black person killing or drug dealing. Not sayiny that the white people are model citizens, but everytime you open the Goldsboro Daily News the first pic you see is black. Maybe the NAACP needs to worry about there community instead of a the less important things that they discriminate about. Maybe they need to go work in those communities.

      • Gail says:

        Seems like everyday a white person is child molesting (and getting rid of the evidence by killing the children), and mass murdering. And let’s not forget the new trend of white folks…. OD’ing on their opioids.

        • Gail says:

          These ‘black’ people wouldn’t be able to sell as many drugs as they do without their white customer base. They come with frequency and large sums of money which is mostly courtesy of ‘Me-maw’s’ stolen checks.

          • Fact says:

            Still doesn’t excuse them from being trash ! BTW child molesters ,drug dealers or murderer’s they all need to be put away no matter what color they are!!!!!

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