Wednesday 19 Jun 2019

Shootout At Mar-Mac Internet Café

Five Goldsboro residents are charged following a shooting at a Mar-Mac internet café. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office reports a physical altercation broke out at the 117 Internet Café off U.S. 117 South around 4:30 PM Tuesday. During the fight, a bystander, 23-year old Rakim K. Johnson, allegedly pulled out a handgun.  That’s when 19-year old D’Qurious A. Bradford allegedly ran to a parked vehicle and grabbed an SKS-style rifle.  Johnson and Bradford reportedly exchanged gunfire, with Johnson being struck in his shoulder area during the shootout.  All the parties involved in the fight and shooting then fled the scene.  A nearby patrol deputy stopped one of the fleeing vehicles.  Bradford, 28-year old Kenya T. Floyd and 17-year old Tyriek Langston were in that car along with the SKS-style rifle.  Those three suspects were detained and taken in for questioning.  Meanwhile, Johnson was driven to the hospital by 23-year old CharlieR. Daniels, where they were met by deputies. Daniels was also brought in for questioning.  Johnson, the only suspect injured during the shooting, was eventually released from the hospital, and is now wanted on two charges.

WANTED: Rakim Karim Johnson
Charges: Assault with a Deadly Weapon with Intent to Kill
& Discharging a Weapon into an Occupied Motor Vehicle
Warrants secured, not arrested as of press release, he was released from the hospital.

D’Quirious Aaron Bradford
Charges: Assault with a Deadly Weapon with Intent to Kill Inflicting Serious Injury
& Discharging a Weapon into an Occupied Building
Bond: $120,000.00

Kenya Tyree Floyd
Charge: Carry a Concealed Weapon
Bond: $500.00

Tyriek Langston
Charge: Possession of a Handgun by a Minor
Bond: $500.00

Charlie Robert Daniels
Charge: Carry a Concealed Weapon
Bond: $500.00


  1. kama says:

    SO MANY Repeat Faces..AGAIN. Are judges trying to keep themselves busy by letting these thugs off Repeatedly? Keeping the judges busy in the courtrooms by recycling these thugs back out into society is the wrong way to keep your elected position secure.Cannot wait for next election.

  2. Adamrothman says:

    Who didnt see this coming? Thats right, the judicial system.

  3. Phil says:

    Scumbags. Everyone of them! And Bradford, that registered gang member scumbag needs to be thrown in prison for a loooong time!

  4. FNA says:

    I guess the 3 times and your out rule does not apply. How many time can convicted felons get caught with assault rifles and stolen pistols, before they get some real prison time? I’m just a nobody that gets up and goes to work every day, but damn, when are the county officials, the mayor, the Governor, or somebody get involved? These little thugs are running wild. I could go on and on. I’ll wait to finish my comments next week when their back up here again for killing somebody!

  5. Gary Price says:

    The local DA should be held accountable for allowing these machines back in our county. They were gone. And we’re allowed back. They cause nothing but trouble!!!

  6. JMHO says:

    Maybe that $120k bond will keep Mr. Bradford off the street for a good while.

  7. Rebecca Burke says:

    $500 bond for having his own weapon and for the other one who was charged as a minor didn’t even have a gun in his possession!

  8. Kevin says:

    But they look like such stellar citizens of the community.

  9. Our boy “D’Qurious” is at it again…AGAIN with an SKS-style rifle???? What did they do….give it back to him a couple of weeks ago when they caught him with it & 4 or 5 hand guns (one of which was stolen)? We need a judge who will see his kind for what they are…thugs who will never be “rehabilitated” and need to get sent away for a long time to protect the rest of us. At least they gave him a decent bond amount this time, even though the $500.00 bonds for the others is a joke. How many innocent people are going to end up injured or dead in the crossfire when these punks are back on the streets and go at it again in a couple of days?

    • A mom says:

      I agree some of these have been released back into our community and there a danger to us. There being allowed to influence our youngest generation to do just the same. The thing is,.. where are the parents and why aren’t they being held accountable for there lack of respect for life. Their learning it somewhere

  10. B says:


    • Gail says:

      It’s not the game room, it’s the folks in it. A lot of HARD WORKING, NONVIOLENT PEOPLE partake in that particular activity as a relaxing pastime. But as with many situations in life, it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch. Should there be no more Jason Aldean concerts?

    • Tax Payer says:

      AGREE. Make them go to these poker houses out in the country that don’t do anything about either. Most of them are on Wed night .

  11. Anonymous says:

    Smh idiots

  12. BP says:

    I keep seeing the same faces on here.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Is Superior Court Judge Will Bland responsible setting these bond amounts? Or do other Second Division Superior Court judges get assigned to handle this and rubber stamp things? Does D.A. Matt Delbridge have any role in setting bonds or release?

    • B says:

      VOTE THEM OUT!!!!

      • The only problem is that he has 7 more years on this term….

        • BP says:

          With the stock market hitting historic records, jobs increasing, and a taxcut coming thanks to our President, your statement is ignorant. Trump has done more in one year than Obama did in 8. Now, if Congress would do their job and move some of his agenda, Americans will be much better off IMHO.

          • BP…I think you missed the point of my comment entirely because no where in my comment did I refer to President Trump or Mr. Obama. I was referring to a previous comment about our judicial system and was remarking that our Superior Court Judge has 7 years left in his term. If you think that I’m “ignorant”, I must say that at least I know that presidents only serve 4-year terms unless they win a second term. The situation, as I see it, sort of mirrors your opinion of the President and Congress. Our law enforcement officers are doing their jobs (like the President) but the court system (just like Congress) is failing us all badly. Hope this clears things up for you.

  14. Kelly tom says:

    Keep letting them out on bond till they kill someone. $ 500.00 what a joke

  15. Carter says:

    All of them DUMB AS DIRT !!!!!!!!!!!


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