Thursday 18 Oct 2018


ACE Team Arrests Meth Suspect

The Wayne County ACE Team reports a meth arrest. 38-year old Sarah J. Pierce of La Grange was arrested Tuesday for Possession of Methamphetamine.  The Aggressive Criminal Enforcement Team was on patrol in Dudley when they pulled over Pierce’s vehicle on Emmaus Church Road.  Deputies searched the vehicle and allegedly found multiple items of illegal contraband, including meth and a firearm.  Pierce was held on a $500 secured bond.

Sarah Jane Pierce




  1. Anonymous says:

    They should publish a current photo so people can see what a year and half of hard living does to you. Might make others think twice about starting that lifestyle.

  2. kialboots says:

    Gotta luv this one – she was arrested in 2016, this isn’t her first rodeo.
    GDN used an OLD picture, as they already had her in the archives. What does this tell you? 2016 pic is the same used here – compare them.

    Repeat offender. Wonder if the cops have her ankle bracelet set in their computers as she’s easy to get. Stealing and dealing. Probably on her back too – all to feed her habit.

  3. questioning says:


  4. Gail says:

    No, not American royalty! Must be mistaken.

  5. Lil old lady says:

    I’ll keep repeating myself! WHO IS SETTING THE BONDS FOR THESE DOPE DEALERS AND WHO IS GETTING PAID BY THESE DOPE DEALERS TO SET THESE LOW BONDS! Post their names in the paper so we can see whose “ on the take”!

  6. Kialboots says:

    Another stupid bond of $500. As citizens of this country EVERYONE should be upset at this. Why such low bonds where it’s quickly and easily posted? She’s already out and back dealing. Imagine being a law enforcement officer? You risk your life to get these folks to have them be released almost immediately.

    So…..what have we accomplished here?

    Elected officials – you will be held accountable for this next election where we vote you and the judges out. This is your warning.

    How about we let our officials hear about this.

  7. hamburgers4life says:

    She is on here a lot. Smiling cause she will be right out the door as soon as they finish paper work. How does this make since- repeat offender and had a gun? $500 bond???


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