Friday 19 Apr 2019


Customers Angry With Duke Energy Rate Proposal

(NORTH CAROLINA NEWS NETWORK) — Duke Energy customers lashed out at the utility’s plans to hike rates. The utility’s proposal to increase rates nearly 17-percent was the topic of a heated hearing Tuesday night in Charlotte in front of a regulator weighing the company’s request. Duke says it needs more money to transition to cleaner energy and help pay for the closure of coal ash basins. Customer Amy Brown said Duke should pick up the bill itself.   Another hearing is scheduled for February 27th in Raleigh — that is the last step before the Utilities Commission makes a decision.


  1. betablocker says:


  2. Poopgonzalez says: has an article today stating how duke is using the tax plan to lower rates for customers.
    Good job wral. You can tell who spends lots of advertising with channel 5.
    And everyone in the news industry wonders why we no longer trust them.

  3. Donna says:

    When I make a mess at home, I don’t expect someone else to pay for it. They created the potash so let them clean it up with some of the extravagant bonuses they pay.

  4. Gail says:

    TRUMP NATION in full effect.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry, Our new governor will protect us from Duke Energy. They have no influence over him (rolls eyes)

  6. kialboots says:

    BOHICA. Go look it up.

    Best way to state it.

  7. Mg says:

    Realize that when you say “dividend checks to shareholders” you are also talking about numerous retirement and pension plans, 401ks, etc including those for state workers, teachers, and old folks on pensions. Its not just a bunch of rich investors that would be affected.

  8. BP says:

    They know that we have a tax cut coming and are just taking advantage, I would guess. We will all receive a bit more of our money…..they want a larger piece.

  9. Poopgonzalez says:

    Dock the CEO pay for two years. Problem solved.

  10. Common Sense! says:

    Until Duke energy can show a loss they should not be allowed an increase in rates. The customers should not pay for their bad business and their cleanup. This business is a monopoly and giving them a rate increase to protect dividend checks to shareholders is ridiculous.

    • gettin' tired says:

      AGREED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why should the customers have to pay for this.? Seems like the customers have to always bail out companies, when in fact it was caused by them. Its not like our energy bill isn’t high enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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