Monday 17 Dec 2018


SJAFB Members Must Stay Away From Torero’s

A Downtown Goldsboro restaurant is ruled off-limits to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base personnel. In a Facebook post, Seymour Johnson says Torero’s Mexican Restaurant in Downtown Goldsboro is listed as off-limits to Air Force personnel.  The post says “an individual closely associated with the restaurant recently put an Air Force family member in harm’s way.”  In its decision, the base also cites incidents of crime and sometimes violence associated with Torero’s.  Seymour Johnson officials will occasionally review the list of off-limits establishments to determine if they have taken the necessary steps to mitigate the concerns.



  1. Adamrothman says:

    maybe the manager got handsy again?

  2. Bless Their Heart's. says:

    Downtown redevelopment at it it’s very best. Another watering hole and all that it draws in. Oh wait; they are already there…inside. No need to escape to that parking lot, get your business handled inside…

  3. Joey says:

    This is not the first time the base has put an establishment “off limits” Having been stationed at Seymour for a number of years we saw the Black Dragon at the corner of Oak Forest and Ash Street off limits because of drug trafficking, Donnie’s Lounge behind Western Steer off limits because of they did not serve blacks. There were others over the years too numerous to mention.

    I don’t know what happened at the restaurant other than what I have read from the reviews of their food. And that the manager, Miguel Angel Gomez Camacho was arrested for sexual battery twice in 7 months. As well as permits with ABC for switching tax stamps on some of its liquor bottles

    Bottom line is just don’t patronize this hole in the wall or anything else in the downtown area

  4. Kelly tom says:

    Wow that’s pretty close to our 10 million or more dollar center street project.


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