Wednesday 16 Jan 2019


Suspect Arrested In Statutory Rape Case

On Monday, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation into a sexual assault that had reportedly occurred during the early morning hours.  The investigation revealed 21-year-old Uziel Garcia of La Grange had engaged in sexual intercourse and other sex acts with a 13-year-old female.  Garcia has been arrested and charged with Statutory Rape of a Child less than 15 and Indecent Liberties with a Child.  His bond was set at $300,000.

Uziel Garcia


  1. William says:

    She lied about her age. I know him personally, and if he knew she was that age he wouldn’t of messed with her.

  2. Lil old lady says:

    I would NEVER think to blame a woman in a sexual attack and especially an emotionally immature 13 year old! However, have you seen how these young women dress and make themselves look completely available! They are influenced by what they see on TV and the internet! ( Kardashian trash comes to mind)And until their parents take responsibility it will continue! As for that guy……he needs his butt kicked! Or Twenty minutes with the girl’s Dad!

  3. Kelly tom says:

    Clean cut trash.

    • Andres A says:

      Ma’am you probably don’t even know the story of what happened so I wouldn’t want to put a dumb comment and make your self look dumb.. @Kelly tom

      • Kelly tom says:

        Well why don’t you share it with us.and don’t say they just held hands and talked. He’s got you fooled.

      • BP says:

        Hey Andres, please share the story with the rest of us. I feel so foolish to think a 21 yr old having sex with a 13 yr old is wrong. Please help us to understand that if it was my daughter that I would not be going after his throat. Please, please share the story about how misunderstood this 21 year old is.

      • Brittany says:

        She cannot consent. There is no justification. 13 year old children shouldn’t be having sex. If I sound like a prude, good.

      • Kelly tom says:

        Mrs. A Looks like you’re the fool

      • Adamrothman says:

        Yep defending a pervert and somebody else looks like an idiot?


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