Thursday 17 Jan 2019


Teachers Rally In Raleigh

Thousands of North Carolina teachers take to the streets in Raleigh including some from the local area.

It was estimated 15,ooo teachers could take part in the March for Teachers and Rally for Respect in the capital city on Wednesday.

A local educator who attended Wednesday’s March for Teachers spoke with Goldsboro Daily News on the condition of anonymity.

The teacher says while the educators were pushing for better pay and improved working conditions, she noticed all the rallying teachers remain passionate about their profession.

The teacher says state legislators may not fully appreciate the demands of being an educator.

Representative John Bell met with some of the teachers Wednesday, and the House Majority Leader said, “Enjoyed meeting with teachers from Wayne County today in Raleigh and discussing our shared commitment to strengthening North Carolina’s education system.”

Wayne County Public Schools closed to students for the day Wednesday after hundreds of teachers and support staff had requested leave to attend the day’s events in Raleigh.


  1. Jesus says:

    Oh my, I’m a teacher and have the hardest job in the world…please pity me.

  2. Joey says:

    The governor made the statement “They did not get into teaching for the income but for the outcome” So why are they complaining about their pay?

    • Waynecountynative says:

      It seems to be a larger argument about the overall lack of respect for those in the teaching profession. If you look at the comments on stories like this, their argument actually makes a lot of sense.

      • Jesus says:

        No, not really. It has nothing to do with respect. Teachers are very well respected.
        But teaching kids that if they can’t get what they want, to just walk out in protest, is wrong.
        With the exact same college degree, teachers can use that experience to get a job that pays 100k plus with little effort.
        Instead of walking out, show kids to work harder, or do what you love for love, and not money.

        Life is life, and you can’t always have your cake and eat it too.

        Teachers…..welcome to the exact same situation almost all other working adults face on a day to day basis.

        And take it easy on the holier than thou attitude. Since age 4 or 5, teachers have been in school. It’s all you know, it’s the only thing you’ve been around your entire life. When you finished high school, college. After college, right back into the school system. Just remember, there is another world out there. And the comments I’ve seen from educators, they are definitely holier than thou, thus driving home the point even more of what is irritating people.

        At what point and time were the compensation packages offered to teachers a secret. This was not a split second decision made to become a public educator. You guys and gals knew exactly what you were getting into.

        • Waynecountynative says:

          It’s a shame that so many misguided people like you feel compelled to spout hate about teachers. It’s a huge part of the problem that has led to where we re. People seem to think that because they sat in a student desk once they know how to do a teacher’s job, but the truth is most people couldn’t handle it. I caution those of you so set on bashing teachers to pause and think about who you want in the classroom with your children. When you run the good ones off with your disrespect and lack of resources, think about who will be left with your kids all day. Personally, I want better than that.

          • Jesus says:

            Very first sentence. Teachers are well respected. That includes me.

            But you prove my point exactly. Almost word for word.

            Holier than thou attitude…. no one else can do this job….no one else understands…..

        • Corn Snake says:

          I would say Teachers are demanding to be heard rather than paid. I would say more funding towards education would reflect being heard. Would you say that 15,000 teachers that are marching are all wrong in their approach? Are you suggesting that with the rising costs of college, paying educators the same amount as you did prior to 2008 is ‘respecting’ teachers? Do you think people believe you when you say…’Teachers are very well respected’ especially when the following exists:
          NC teachers earn 5 percent less on average than before the recession.
          NC spends 12.2 percent less per pupil than it did before the recession, ranking 39th in the Country. Do you think our economy is 39th in the country?
          There are 7,000 open teaching positions in the state…why cant they fill them?
          Inflation has risen, why hasnt teacher pay?
          Why are there 35 kids per class room?
          Why do teachers have to pay a sub out of their pocket when they go on vacation?
          Why should teachers have second jobs?

          Why are you not listening? Why not put down your pride slightly and understand there is a perspective in which you do not have, and it is worth being heard? But instead, you choose to contradict the values of the american dream by saying…’why not show your students to work harder for benefit or gain’. To finish, i leave you with a quote from Billy Madison:
          “Mr. Madison, what you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response, were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

  3. rockingchairfrontporch says:

    I have never heard of anyone other than WHITE people called “hillbillies”, and it is a derogatory term towards them.

    By the statement that Mr C has made, he is basically using hate speech towards WHITE people.

    Bet that GDN wouldn’t allow me to use the n word when referring to black people, or the w word when referring to hispanic people.

    So why is it ok for hate speech towards WHITE people?

  4. EAGLE EYE says:

    Well I guess I called this correctly from the beginning. What started out as a nonpolitical rally for teachers pay quickly became political. I guess the Democratically aligned (NCAE) North Carolina Association of Educators who organized the rally might have played a small part. The narrative kept changing from pay to books and then for student rights. Where did that come from? Look for that rally soon but during the school year of course. They spoke to the legislators and eventually went to hear the Gov speak. Roy “fly the coop” Cooper spoke about using some of the Republican tax cuts for teachers. But for some reason he didn’t mention the already approved 6.2 increase for teachers. He also didn’t mention the tax increase the Republicans approved for teachers since 2014. It must have been a small oversight on his part for sure. The marchers were also heard shouting we vote in November which was also nonpolitical of course. I’m glad everyone had a good time and kept politics out of it.
    There was one teacher not from this county who said he wasn’t going. He said he was going to be preparing his students for EoY testing instead. I respect him for that so I’m trying to find him and send some money his way.

  5. Jesus says:

    Any private school educators marching?

    • Adamrothman says:

      No, they were busy teaching.

      • Jesus says:

        Thank you. They were busy doing there job.

        Like most everyone else, they would be fired for abandoning their responsibilities.

        I hope the teachers who skipped work yesterday had their pay docked.

        • Waynecountynative says:

          Teachers who took off to attend the rally had to take a personal day, which means they had to use accumulated personal leave and have money deducted from their pay as well.

  6. Mr C says:

    no union never hurt no American worker…it’s how we got the basics of the work place structure now today..ex…the 5 day work week,40 hrs a week,time in a half for overtime beyond 40 hrs.Unions built the middle class in this country which is almost non existing now mainly because of ignorant hillbilly minded right to work FOX news watchers,who only parrot what they see & here,while watching that right wing B.S….leading to there own demise.

    • Adamrothman says:

      A prime example of the public school system “no union never hurt no american worker” that refers to the right as ignorant hillbillies. If this is an example just close down the public schools.

      • So glad you commented on Mr. C’s post. I started to comment on his butchering of the English language but didn’t because I figured that it was possibly done in jest as an example of “hillbilly minds”. I truly hope & pray that it was intended as a joke.

    • Jesus says:

      Name your English and literature teachers please.

  7. ErlRay says:

    Is it any wonder why charter schools are becoming the way to go.. Public education is failing thanks to teachers unions.. More liberal failure..

  8. Adamrothman says:

    Political pawns


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