Friday 22 Feb 2019


Superintendent Not Selected For Florida Job

It appears the Superintendent of Wayne County Public Schools will stay with the local district.

Superintendent Dr. Michael Dunsmore had been on the short list of candidates for a job leading Duval County Public Schools in Florida.

Dunsmore had been included as one of the three finalists for the position.

Over the weekend, the Duval County School Board announced it had selected Dr. Diana Greene for the superintendent position, and the board is now entering contract negotiations with Greene.


  1. kialboots says:

    The guy is not what Wayne County needs.

    Problem is it’s the “Devil you know” vs the “Devil You Don’t know”. We know what we have with this emmy award winner. We get rid of him and we get someone else who can be worse. Then again, can it be worse? Maybe, unlikely, but it could happen. So we take no risk and keep when we know and we don’t move this place forward.

    And we wonder why we continue to refer to the place as Thugsboro. He is ANOTHER example while Wayne County doesn’t move forward – can’t get an educated community.

  2. Nelson Rollins says:

    Send him on his way, preferably far away from Wayne County, he is all about chaos, discord and confusion.

  3. citizenry says:

    I’m happy that he was not chosen. He cares about diversity, which is certainly needed in schools like Rosewood!

    • Really??? says:

      What evidences point to his concern for diversity, and changes he has made at Rosewood since taking charge three years ago? In his three year stint at the county office, I have seen nothing but disorganization. We removed some of the “good ol’ boys” on Royall Ave. just to replace them with Dunsmore’s “team of incompetency” and his Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction Ishee. They have no idea what goes on in classrooms in the county, because they are so far removed from the teachers.
      It does not seem to matter how many competent teachers they are losing to surrounding counties because of their lack of backbone. Policies are created, yet rarely followed through with, because if a parent pushes back (especially a minority student’s parent) they cave at the mention of a lawsuit.

  4. ErlRay says:

    He wanted to leave so send him packing.. Heart not in the job..

  5. Carter says:

    The Wayne County Board of Education, should have sent him packing! Instead they give him an extension on his contract ! Wth


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