Friday 19 Apr 2019


Suspect Charged For Pizza Delivery Robbery

The Goldsboro Police Department reports an armed robbery arrest. 22-year-old Shaniah Barnes of Fremont was arrested on June 4th and placed in the Wayne County Jail under a $50,000 secured bond.  Barnes is charged in connection to the May 9th armed robbery of a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver on the 100 block of Denton Place.  Two suspects reportedly held the driver at gunpoint and took cash and property.  Barnes was developed as a suspect and a warrant was secured May 24th.  She was served with the warrant during an appearance in Wayne County Court.  Further charges are also expected in the case.

Shaniah Barnes


  1. Bdiddy says:

    I hope they catch the other one! Shame on you and your partner in crime! The heck with the pizza but you robbed someone that was just trying to do their job! But wait diddy, they were trying to do their job! Oh ok, makes sense then, never looked at it that way! One day these punks are going to try and rob the wrong person and will not have a chance at bail being zipped up and ice cold in a drawer! All that in 30 mins or less or it’s free!

  2. Wheezer says:

    That is a female people. Let’s respect gender identities, real or otherwise.

  3. Rebakah says:

    Really sad, but 3 hots and a cot may be something he never had. Many parents are NOT worthy to be called parents due to not giving their children the care OR love they need…especially single parent homes, where some children never even know who their daddy is. NO excuse for criminal behavior EVER, but prison may be the only home they’ll ever know and receive 3 hots and a cot. Really sad.

  4. Adamrothman says:


  5. Carter says:

    He looks so proud.


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