Friday 18 Oct 2019

N.C. Farmers Worry About Trade War

(NORTH CAROLINA NEWS NETWORK) — In response to tariffs levied on imports by the Trump Administration, Mexico on Thursday doubled its tariff on U.S. pork, and China Friday is set to implement 25 percent tariffs on pork, soybeans and tobacco from the U.S.

North Carolina farmers depend on those foreign markets to stay afloat.

The state produces the most tobacco in the country and is the second-largest pork producer in the U.S. China and Mexico also are two of the state’s top trading partners for agricultural goods.

North Carolina Farm Bureau President Larry Wooten told WRAL TV the tariff’s are already causing angst in farm country.

Farmers had hoped for months that the threat of tariffs were simply a negotiating tactic in trade negotiations, but no new trade deals are in place.


  1. Chic Fille says:

    Now Mr C is expressing concern for the farmers which is cool. He just ain’t played much poker. Or if he has he must have lost a lot. I am curious who Mr C wanna see hangin’ 10 on that blue wave.

  2. Chic Fille says:

    You all better pace yourself. You gonna have to keep up that sarcasm until at least 2024…LOL

    • Mr C says:

      2024 is sarcasm & you know it…..the blue wave is coming also……your popular vote loser fake president will have a criminal record very shortly…hope the farmer’s can last beyond this year,with their real gross losses.

      • Jesus says:

        The same blue wave that was supposedly going to win in a landslide last time.
        It’s this exact “out of touch” mentality that lost dems the last election.
        The out of touch party is leaning towards socialism.
        The same system in russia….ohhhh the irony.

      • Kama says:

        Hey Mr. C – You are right on! As many others are, I totally regret wasting my vote on the clown in question.. time to take back those votes by joining one of the numerous Impeachment websites.

      • Adamrothman says:

        I think I know what the “c” in mr c stands for, is it communist. Blue wave? Good god man quit watching cnn.

  3. Adamrothman says:

    Mexico and China depend on those imports they do not have the factory farming infrastructure to feed such a large population. The price of food directly affects civil unrest everything can be expensive but when food and fuel are expensive watch out. None of this is set in stone. This is just a bargaining tool on both sides.

  4. betablocker says:

    oh, and rush out to buy a china made MAGA hat

  5. Mr C says:

    welcome to the 45 train ride…(MAGA)…he cares nothing about any of you,he’s a NYCity hustler / traitor of this country…the blue wave,will lock him up.Good luck for voting for him.

    • Jesus says:

      I guess this is why dem states have the highest crime rates, highest taxes, highest homelessness rates, open border/sanctuary cities, and tax the middle class voter to death in order to pay for everything.

      And you wonder why Hillary lost again?

      Last time I checked, someone said, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.
      If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.
      Healthcare cost have sky rocketed, and you for a fact, can not keep your plan, you can not keep your dr.
      And like mentioned above, healthy, middle class Americans are paying for 100% of this. All via higher premiums, higher deductibles, outrageous co pays…on different policies they were forced to take……or go without and pay a penalty.

      Genius, pure genius.

    • BP says:

      Hahahaha….blue wave? Kinda like the election, huh. Trump is awesome. The Dems are going to get wiped in November… least I hope. Waters, Pelosi, Schumer…..nutty leaders, crazy people.


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