Wednesday 19 Jun 2019

One Dead Following Crash On I-40 Connector (PHOTO GALLERY)

Monday afternoon turned tragic for a family that was heading back home from the Fourth of July holiday. A white Chevy Blazer heading north on the I-40 connector was involved in a single vehicle crash about 300 yards from the intersection of West Trade Street in Calypso. Duplin County dispatched Medic 4, 6 and 8 along with Calypso Fire, Faison Fire and Mount Olive Fire to the scene of the wreck. Wayne County EMS Station 9 was dispatched for assistance with multiple injuries. As fire and EMS arrived on the scene, they found five people had been injured in the crash. Several of the victims had been ejected from the vehicle, including a 5-year-old child and several adults. One of the victims was declared deceased on the scene. The 5-year-old was quickly taken to Duplin County Hospital. The accident is under investigation by the North Carolina Highway Patrol in Duplin County. Duplin County Sheriff’s deputies and Mount Olive Police assisted in the operation. The northbound lane of the I-40 connector was closed to all traffic between N.C. 50 and West Trade Street at Calypso. The name of the deceased has not yet been released. The road was closed for nearly three hours due to the Highway Patrol investigation and cleanup of the accident site.


  1. Gentle JMHO, apparently, GDN did take your advise and waited a full day before posting photos of the crash and posting the article. Your comments are invalid. The family was aware the day prior. An article is fine, but a picture says a thousand words. The motoring public can actually learn from these photos, starting with, “Wear Your Seat Belt”. Apparently you have some kind of fixation on these types of photos and get emotionally involved every time now, as if you are the only person to experience death. We all have. Please seek counseling. The internet may be too rough a place for you to visit. Or, stop looking at the articles all together.

    • Q. Shade says:

      First of for you to say something dumb like that is very rude and dumb. I know these people personally and for you to not say sorry for your lost and to respond with wear your seat belt, what type of s#[email protected] is that

  2. Shirley Alston says:

    The family was there until the endas shown in the picture

  3. JMHO says:

    There you go again, GDN! Publishing a bunch of pictures prior to names being released. This is not the first, second or even third time you’ve done this. If you’ll recall, I commented on one of these stories not too long ago that the images you posted of a fatal wreck were so telling that family members of the deceased saw them before law enforcement could reach them to let them know. Do y’all have no journalistic integrity? Is being the first to publish the story WITH pictures more important than holding off on images until families are notified and names are released? SMH.

    • TN says:

      JMHO, the families have most likely been notified as this wreck happened yesterday and the article is marked with today’s date (July 10). Most people would not hesitate to post images or livestream to Facebook, but for some reason when the press runs photos after the fact it’s somehow wrong? If you are not mature enough to read bad news, consider staying away from newspaper websites

      • JMHO says:

        I can handle all the bad news in the world, thanks, but until you see someone find out that their loved one was killed because the picture of the car was right there on this site right after it happened? It’s not fun. The family member was my employee at the time and this occurred while we were at work. It went south and fast. Her cell phone started ringing off the hook because people recognized the car. It took about 2 and a half hours for LEO’s to come officially notify her of that death. You can say what you want, but I still think less is more when things like this happen.


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