Saturday 20 Apr 2019


Williams Ready To Refocus On City Issues

An embattled city council member is ready to get back to focusing on the work facing Goldsboro.

Goldsboro District 1 Council Member Antonio Williams held a press conference Monday in light of what he says is his latest vindication.

Williams had come under fire when the city received an anonymous letter alleging the councilman was not living in his district.

The Wayne County Board of Elections last week decided there was not enough evidence to pursue an official challenge to Williams’ residency any further.

Williams told the city council Monday the allegations were a distraction, but he’s ready to refocus his energy on the issues facing the city, including helping its impoverished residents.



  1. Bdiddy says:

    Does anyone have a link to a map that shows each district?? Please post

  2. Roz says:

    I’m watching you, Williams. Always watching. Always!

  3. ???? says:

    Unfortunately, the majority of Mr. Williams’ (how do I put this nicely?) “indiscretions” are anything but rumors. It’s public knowledge that he has been less than honest and/or ethical in many of his personal and professional dealings since he somehow won election to the City Council. This man has chosen to use his position on the Council for personal gain several times and, his agenda seems to mirror that of one member of the Board of Elections who recently publicly stated, “…it’s ok to break the law.” This says a lot about both individuals’ character. I hope District 1 voters have a challenger to give Mr. WIlliams’ some competition for the council seat in the next election. (Hint, hint, Mr. Lilly)

    • Jesus says:

      Anyone can run, it’s an at large position. You do not have to live in the district you represent.

      • ???? says:

        My dear (misinformed) Jesus…If that’s the case, then what has been the point of this whole argument? I do think the council has debated the option of “at large” representation but as it stands right now, each district votes for their council member…thus, Mr. Williams’ residency was called into question. If he had been an “at large” council member, it wouldn’t have mattered where he lived.

      • WB says:

        There is not an At-Large city council seat. Each seat, except for the mayor, must qualify by being a resident of the district seat they are running for.

        Wayne County does have an At-Large county commissioner seat and that candidate can live anywhere in Wayne County.

        • Jesus says:

          Its sarcasm!!!!!! A certain council members residing address is not in his district. Insert sarcastic comment……at large position since ones home address does not seem to matter. And if it is allowed for one, you open the flood gate for others to do the same.

          Cant believe I had to explain that. See you Sunday morning.

    • I appreciate you taking the time to respond to this article as well as recommending I run for his position. However, anonymous support does nothing to end corruption. I would be more than happy to speak to you about a course of action if you would like to step forward.

  4. Angela Mae Jones Kittrell says:

    Why not tell where you live, what are you afraid of?

  5. Angela Mae Jones Kittrell says:

    Just remember that rumors are spread by fools and believed by idiots. What a joke.


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