Saturday 20 Apr 2019


Smithfield Foods Removing Hogs From Farms Involved In Court Losses

(–Smithfield Foods is cycling its hogs off of the farms targeted in recent successful nuisance lawsuits against the company, further heightening concerns for farmers worried that the suits will run the pork giant out of the hog business.

According to WRAL-TV in Raleigh, for state lawmakers, farmers and others who’ve been sounding an alarm about the impact nuisance lawsuits could have, the company’s move is clear evidence of the mounting economic impact from jury verdicts that have already topped half a billion dollars from just three of 26 scheduled trials.

Rep. John Bell, R-Wayne, told WRAL it’s stark evidence of the impact these cases will have on rural North Carolina. “People say it’s all about the big corporate entity, it’s not about the family farmers,” Bell said. “But when those contracts are pulled … those farmers still have to pay off utility bills, loans.”

Bell said farmers don’t have many options. They can’t easily modify their farms to handle other livestock, and they can’t simply contract with another hog provider because their farms have been declared a nuisance, he said.

“These folks are just kind of left and stuck,” he said.


  1. Peopleamazeme says:

    Now, the ignorant neighbors that have created this problem need to come to the financial aid of their farmer neighbors. Or I hope they choke on the next ham sandwich they eat. They are going to lose everything if someone doesn’t do something.

    • Waynecountynative says:

      It’s past time for the state to step in and help settle these conflicts. Zoning laws need updating to set aside buffers between residential developments and industrial agriculture farms like these pork and poultry houses. There also need to be no interest loan programs and tax incentives to help farmers update to new cleaner technologies. We all know that large multinationals like Smithfield Foods are only interested in profits, not the farmers they use to produce the products.


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