Wednesday 19 Jun 2019

4 WCPS Schools Evacuated Due To Threat

Students are safe and schools are being checked following a possible threat to several Wayne County Public Schools.

According to a Facebook post, Greenwood Middle, Eastern Wayne High, Goldsboro High, and Wayne School of Engineering were evacuated as a precaution Wednesday morning.

The schools received a threatening message.

While no school was named in the message, WCPS felt it best to evacuate and allow law enforcement to investigate.

WCPS also says GWM, GHS, EWH, and WSE students are safe and buildings are currently being checked by law enforcement.

Once the buildings are cleared, students will be allowed to return to class.



  1. Damned if you do, damned if you dont. says:

    Regardless of how they handled it, people would have complained regardless. Nothing can make everyone happy. I think they handled it as best they could.

    • Waynecountynative says:

      You spoke a whole mouthful of truth there! It’s interesting how much people in this community expect from public schools that they refuse to support. In this week’s election, 57% of voters opposed the school funding sales tax and 3 school board seats had only 1 candidate willing to serve. How exactly are our schools supposed to meet these expectations when the community as a whole has sent the message that they won’t give time nor money to make those improvements?

  2. Jennifer says:

    There is probably more to the story, but giving that information may have hindered any investigations. All children were fed and kept at a safe distance from the school. Considering the situation, I think WCPS handled the best they could in accordance to what was instructed to them by local law enforcement.
    I assure you schools are prepared with training’s and procedure/protocol, however, no teacher or parent wants to have to face this ever. It’s easy to do during trainings but when it come to actually having 30 kids to take outside, keep them calm and assure them it’s okay, all the while trying to figure out exactly whats going on and dealing with discipline…..not as easy as it is in drills and during trainings.
    I’m speaking as a parent of a student at one of these schools AND a teacher. I understand people being upset, but please remember that there is so much more that goes on that people aren’t privy to and if you’re not in the situation, really, there is no room for comments.

    • Say What? says:

      My spouse is a Teacher at 1 of the schools evacuated, and WCPS was grossly unprepared for an incident like this. Some kids were outside for over 4 hours, with nothing, but maybe some water after hours of being in the hot sun with no shade protection. WCPS has students with complex and challenging health problems. It is not Ok to leave these students with nothing. Would you like your insulin dependent diabetic kid left outside for 4 hours after taking their morning insulin with NO food? Would you like your severely asthmatic child left outside to have an asthmatic attack? Would you like to bleed through your clothes while on your period because you can’t go to a bathroom to change your sanitary supplies? Yeah, that’s exactly what these kids dealt with!!! Get it together WCPS, you should be better prepared than this.

      • JH says:

        When you see things happen on the news, you see kids running out into the elements. No, I don’t want anyones kid out exposed, bleeding due to monthly cycles, asthma problems and I am WELL aware of medically fragile children. But what do you propose? Leave them all inside and take a chance that this threat was credible? Ummmmm… There is no way to know when things like this happen. Trainings happen but what were they supposed to do? Send them back in to use the restroom? The building hadn’t been cleared, you cant risk a childs life. You have to use common sense. When it comes down to it, is any school really prepared to the letter of the law for something like this? Doubtful.
        But teach at one of these schools too. And risking one of my kids safely isn’t worth it to me. We do the best with what instruction we were given.

  3. wow says:

    Glad nothing happened, but only four schools evacuated what am I missing?

  4. Why were they the only schools to get evacuated if they did not know what school they were talking about there are more Wayne County High School students than that? Just wondering. ..they felt it best that only 4 school students were important? I think there is more to this story

  5. Jennifer Mcginnis says:

    The kids were outside for hours today! Lunch was late for the high schools, but Greenwood was the last one inspected. So when did they eat lunch? was there sunscreen? School was unprepared for this, and things should have been handled a little differently with information given to parents, the kids sitting outside like sitting ducks if there was an attack it would be easy to get more people at once, Lunch being late for the kids some have special diets and or meds that are on a schedule, and sitting in the sun all day, just because it isnt summer doesn’t mean you can’t get sun burned. My child was at greenwood and the teachers were taking the kids phones when they tried to call their parents! Scare the kids then take their phones. Not acceptable. So with all the things I pointed out, and there are more, but I have a possible solution for many of them if this was to ever happen again. I am not happy with wayne county school.

    • JT says:

      And complaining on GDN does what exactly? The kids at Greenwood were fed, trust me. They were just fine. Probably spent more time outside today than they have in the past year….it’s good for them. They don’t need their phones….how about trust the adults there to look after your child?


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