Saturday 28 Mar 2020

Meet & Greet With New Carver Heights Principal

As part of the Restart efforts at Carver Heights Elementary School in Goldsboro, the Wayne County Public Schools Board of Education approved hiring two school turnaround experts to serve in administrative roles at Carver Heights.

Dr. Patrice Faison will be the new principal at Carver Heights Elementary.  Dr. Faison replaces Cortrina Smith as principal.

Also, the board Dr. Terri Cobb as Carver Heights Elementary’s School Improvement Grant Coordinator.

A meet and greet event will be held from 6 – 7 PM this Thursday, Nov. 8, in the Carver Heights gymnasium. This will allow Dr. Faison the opportunity to formally introduce herself and take a few minutes to talk about her vision and plans for moving forward.

On Monday afternoon, Dr. Patrice Faison, arrived at Carver Heights Elementary to meet with her staff for the first time.


  1. Adamrothman says:

    When does one realize the war is unwinnable?

  2. Concerned Parent says:

    I truly understand that lots of students have not had good role models in their lives and true children perform better when they have parents active in the school. But unfortunately, our society is where it is and we need to find ways to help kids. Be the role models they need. The kids in the low performing schools have goals and desires for their lives. How do we as a community help every child? We can’t rely completely on teachers but the school system can’t suspend all disruptive students. Maybe they need to be taught in a different way. Not everyone learns the same. Not every child is going to college. Are we offering other alternatives for kids? I beg to differ with you concerning jailed parents. Some of the jailed parents love their children as much as you love your children but they have made bad decisions. Do you penalize the child for his parent’s bad decisions? In God’s eyes everyone is of great value and he teaches us to help the lesser.

    • joey says:

      ” In God’s eyes everyone is of great value and he teaches us to help the lesser”

      “False Hope” Fairy tales……

    • Since you have particularly mentioned Goldsboro High School, let me ask you this….have we not “dumbed down” our classes enough already? Instead of changing curriculum to accommodate students who can’t or won’t do the work that it takes to pass, classes should be directed at those, (regardless of economic status or skin color) who want to succeed. It’s no longer “Politically Correct’ to have classes dedicated to helping those with learning issues. It was apparently deemed as a supposed humiliation to the students in those classes but that is exactly the extra attention that they need in order to help them learn and succeed. You can’t have it both ways….someone is going to always complain and when their child is not performing up to standard, it’s always easy to jump and blame the teachers and the system. By the way, Goldsboro HIgh School has turned out some pretty impressive graduates…doctors, lawyers, sports figures, etc. in the past. Some of these were “poor, minority” children who put forth the effort required to succeed both in school and in life so using that as an excuse is moot point.

  3. Concerned parent says:

    The Wayne County Board of Education has a track record of letting poor minority children fail. Case in point Goldsboro High School. We continue to do the same things expecting different results. When will the Board and Superintendent try new strategies. Suspension has been the go to policy for bad behaviour. When are we going to stop this segregation and and treat poor minority children as equals in our community. When will we try raising them up to be leaders instead of throwing up our hands and throwing them out of school. These children along with all the other children in the county are our future!! Let’s treat them all as such.

    • I agree with many of the points that you’ve made however, changes in these children’s lives need to begin within their homes first. Expecting the public school systems to mold these kids into model citizens with bright, prosperous futures is asking a bit much when some parents do little to provide and/or reinforce the goals that we have for ALL CHILDREN, regardless of their economic class or skin color. A system of support and cooperation between the teachers and the parents is an absolute necessity to provide consistent guidance to our young people. Our society has become one of very little (or no) personal responsibility. When a child fails at school or in life, it’s usually construed that they were “failed by the system” rather than the fact that they failed to step up, apply themselves and work to attain a better life. Give a child goals and help him/her to achieve those goals by applying themselves, not by handing it to them. By doing this, not only will you instill hope in that child but you will also give them a sense of pride when they achieve that goal or a sense of determination and perseverance to try again if they fail the first time.
      Unfortunately, suspension is about the only measure of punishment that is left in the school system anymore. Troublesome students, (who’ve usually already made the decision that they don’t want to be there in the first place), need to be removed from the school environment so they are not a danger or distraction to other students.

    • Joey says:

      It is not all the Board of Educations fault, changing principals and teachers is not going to help and it has nothing to do with being a poor minority. The parents need to get more involved with their children. They need to teach their children right from wrong. Children will generally follow their parents footsteps in life. If the parents are in and out of jail, most likely the children will follow. We as parents are responsible for our children’s education, not the city council or the teachers or a school principal. If you think putting your kids on a bus and getting rid of them for the day is your idea of an education you are poorly educated. The first line of education are parents……..


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