Sunday 19 May 2019

Goldsboro Plans For 135th USCT Memorial

A relatively unknown piece of local Civil War history is gaining new attention in Goldsboro.

The city is now planning for a memorial that will honor the 135th U.S Colored Troop that was formed locally.

At the last Goldsboro City Council meeting, council member Gene Aycock told the Goldsboro City Council the memorial would be located between the new Herman Park Center and the Wayne County Public Library.

The exact location and the what the memorial will look like have yet to be determined.

The 135th USCT was formed in Goldsboro toward the end of the Civil War, with over 1,100 black men enlisting in the Union Army.

Some of the members of the 135th were able to march in the 1865 Grand Review in Washington D.C.

Some of 135th returned to Wayne County after the war.

Company E, 4th U.S. Colored Infantry, were part of the defending forces of Washington, D.C. Photo shows two rows of African Americans holding rifles at Fort Lincoln in 1864


  1. Mr.C says:

    No memorials are needed for any treasonous (rebel) war against the United States and for support of slavery…maybe just another white flag…to show continuous deafeat & apologetic shame.

    • Amazed says:

      Mr C, you obviously need to review your history regarding the Civil War and the reason it is significant. When the Colonists pulled away from England, your understanding makes all of America treasonists. Duh

      • Waynecountynative says:

        Not only is he bad with history, but he must not have read the article. This memorial is to a Union unit.

    • Mr.C says:

      I read the article & my recount of this country’s history is intact,I gave my opinion where I wanted it to land specifically…..about statues of the civil war…weather they memoralizes Black or White soldier’s isn’t needed,also the rebel (treasonous) flag,need only be the white flag of surrender flown period.


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