Sunday 19 May 2019

Suspects Accused Of B&E, Vehicle Theft

Goldsboro Police track down two suspects accused of stealing a vehicle. Officers with the Goldsboro Police Department took a report on a stolen Chevrolet Express van on Wednesday after a breaking and entering to a building on the 300 block of N. Center Street.  Around 2:20 AM Thursday, officers spotted the stolen van at the Circle “K” convenience store on Wayne Memorial Drive.  Two suspects were spotted near the vehicle, and one suspect ran away as officers approached.  A K-9 and handler located the suspect who fled in a nearby wooded area north of the store.  42-year-old James C. Thompson, Jr. of Dudley was taken into custody after sustaining a bite from the K-9.  The second suspect, 36-year-old Christopher T. Strickland of Dudley, was taken into custody in the parking lot area of Circle “K” and was found to be in possession of methamphetamine.  Both suspects were charged with Breaking and Entering, Larceny after Breaking and Entering, Larceny of a Motor Vehicle, Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle, Possession of Stolen Motor Vehicle, Possession of Stolen Goods, and Larceny.  Strickland and Thompson were placed in the Wayne County Detention Center.

Christopher Todd Strickland
$28,500 secure bond

James Clinton Thompson, Jr.
$25,000 secure bond


  1. Slim says:

    True. Think when you down an out an no one cares about you I guess you turn to drugs an once you do it’s no turning back for some. Like looking at that dude laying under that bridge there by Smithfield I see everyday. . Sad the state can’t get this man no help. All our tax going in the wrong places . need to be for those that need help. But they wanna stop a man from coming from another country for his child funeral? That was murdered here. Come on government. Folks néed your help. So sad . but folks that can work get all your help that want work. Its really sad . if things don’t change its gonna be more drugs attics an crime .where the big jobs at trump you promise folks?? Dealerships closing that Obama open back up. Do something so folks can stop all this killing an stealing. Stop separating the nation so every body help every body no matter of race. An this hate stuff going on. I went in a store lady look at me . grab her purse like I was gonna grab it ? . Next row over was a bunch of her race she walk right thru them all an never move it out the cart . seriously? I work everyday. Don’t need your purse. I do charity stuff here for free. Come on folks come together .

  2. Slim says:

    Things are getting really bad around Goldsboro. I know times are hard but dag. Really don’t know what to say when they no real jobs to survive an take care your family. Think I steal to feed my family first before a vehicle. I know how hard it is out there. My job kick me. To the curve after 32 years of detication to contract workers .3 weeks to find a new job . An you wonder why people lose it . No where in Goldsboro to make the money I made to take care my family. Reason crime up like it is. But I make a way. Not gonna steal though. Come to Get Her folks an stop being so separated. Lets make it better.


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