Thursday 20 Jun 2019

Ag Commissioner: Government Shutdown Hurting Farmers

(NORTH CAROLINA NEWS NETWORK) — We’re now at Day 19 of the partial government shutdown.

State Ag Commissioner Steve Troxler tells it’s really hurting farmers in North Carolina.

Troxler says farmers have just endured a terrible disaster and they need access to all the federal programs that can assist.

Troxler also says some N.C Agriculture employees are furloughed due to the government shutdown.

President Donald Trump used his first Oval Office address Tuesday evening to argue that a “crisis” at the U.S.-Mexico border requires the wall he’s demanding before ending the partial government shutdown.

Ag Commissiner Steve Troxler


  1. Betablocker says:

    Trump was right about one thing…. Those affected by the shutdown will most certainly vote BLUE in 2020. And North Carolinians may want to tread lightly. If trump realizes we’re a blue state he’ll cut FEMA because people keep building in flood zones

  2. Ela says:

    Just curious, WHY is the NC Agriculture department affected by a federal shut down? That is a STATE GOVERNMENT department not a FEDERAL one. One should not affect the other. That’s why each state has its own government. Our country should not be so easily disrupted. It was set up to be stronger than that. Let’s all put on our big girl panties and stop relying on the government for everything.

    • WILDPIG says:

      BECUZ STEVE TROXLER is a whiney lil politican who has anti-gun ownership/useage views an he never misses an oppoutunity to spread his gospel to the media.

    • Waynecountynative says:

      Because most government activity is linked to other levels. Many of the programs that farmers depend on for their livelihood, such as federal crop insurance programs and federal disaster relief aid, comes through state agencies from the federal government. A shutdown like this one impacts many areas of life that Americans don’t realize the federal government has any connection to.


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