Tuesday 21 Jan 2020

Government Shutdown Delays Assistance For N.C. Farmers

CAPE FEAR, N.C. (AP) — The federal government shutdown is delaying disaster relief for some North Carolina farmers.

The Fayetteville Observer reports the shutdown has mostly closed the federal Farm Service Agency responsible for a document required in farmer applications for state disaster relief. North Carolina set aside $240 million to assist farmers who sustained losses during Hurricane Florence and Michael last year.

The program is overseen by the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and applications require certifications of acreage by the Farm Service Agency. State Department of Agriculture Chief Deputy Commissioner David Smith says about 900 farmers are waiting on that certification and more than 7,000 farmers say they need the program’s help.

The Farm Service Agency says it won’t be working on relief programs when some offices open Friday and Tuesday.

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  1. maria says:

    How much do you think Hardworking Americans tax dolars are going to support all these illegal immigrants….who are working under the table….tax free…Our people Could have these JOBS!!!!….They get free medical insurance… food stamps….Most schools in Wayne County Get Free lunch….WHY?…because there are so many undocumented immigrants….with out ssn…..YEAH its free!!!! …for some….BUt we are paying for it!!!!! …The children have to eat!! Most of them are cheating and beating the system as hard as they can!!!! I support TRUMP!!!!!!

  2. Slim says:

    Well I hope Americans see trump don’t care bout nobody. If u can eat. Sick get there meds or the farmers get the help to plant there crops . I use to work on the farm for years til the government started cutting crops back. Seen farmers cry losing there homes to banks cause of land tied up in crops an they can’t pay there bills . banks take there homes an land. But yall voted him in there. You wanna keep your farms your family gave u for generations. Best get him out or they gonna take every thing you on . and u be homeless. Seen this from a farmer eyes myself. An his wife have no idea they gotta move out there 25 year home .


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