Tuesday 21 Jan 2020

BREAKING: 3-Year-Old Shot In Head, Taken To Vidant

On Saturday, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and EMS were dispatched to the 100 block of Den Court in La Grange in reference to a 911 call.  The call came in about a child having been injured by a gunshot. Deputies and EMS arrived at the home and found a 3-year-old child suffering from a gunshot to the head. The mother, Crystal Price, had called 911 and was with the child upon arrival of first responders.  The child was transported to Wayne UNC for treatment and then airlifted to Vidant Hospital in Greenville.  The child has sustained a life threatening injury. The preliminary investigation has revealed that the child was in the mother’s and father’s bedroom watching TV and playing.  The mother was in the living room watching a younger child when she heard a loud noise and went into the bedroom and found the injured child on the bed .  A small caliber handgun was found on the bed.  There is no evidence of any gunshot having entered the home from the outside.  This investigation is continuing.  The sheriff’s office says there is no further information that can be released at the present time.


  1. YGTBSM! says:

    Shame the youngster was injured. Hope he recovers. Pistols can fire if a round is chambered and the gun is dropped, trigger lock or not. Bigger shame is parents felt they needed a gun for home defense, against home invading barbarians!

  2. Joey says:

    All of my weapons have always been locked up when my children were small and even today. My pistols were locked away in a safety deposit box at the bank because I valued my children’s lives as well as others.More gun owners need to do the same

  3. Beckylynn says:

    Praying for that child .. the parents are the ones that are totally irresponsible to leave a gun where a child could easily pik it up ! It’s not the guns fault big dummies!!

  4. Not judging says:

    I’m so glad everyone commenting is sin free and also works for CSI. Just so everyone knows the gun had a trigger lock on it, sometimes things fail

  5. I sure hope this child is going to be okay. Maybe this will give parents a wake up call that if you have children in the house either lock guns up and keep out of reach. This could have been a tragic accident.

  6. William says:

    Praying for this child to recover from this tragic accident.

  7. Cindy says:

    Bet u guys never made a mistake before. Shut up! Just pray. No one cares that u think you are perfect!

    • Really? says:

      No one is preaching perfection, but this is far from a ” mistake”. This is criminal negligence that could very well lead to the death of an innocent child. I was always taught that with rights come responsabilities. The 2nd amendment is no different.

    • betablocker says:

      a “mistake”? A MISTAKE? leaving a loaded weapon out that is accessible to children is NOT a mistake. it’s negligence AND it reinforces the fact that way more people die from guns “by accident” than on purpose, because people DONT THINK. and what kind of prayer would i say? out one side of my mouth it’s “thank you god for the rights to gun ownership” (nevermind the fact ZERO guns are in the bible) while out the other side of my mouth i’m supposed to pray for the victims of the guns i just thanked god for? i bet if you ask the parents of this kid, they can tell you exactly why guns in your home aren’t necessarily a smart move.

  8. Guilty says:

    Unsecured firearm, child endangerment. If you cant afford to secure your gun. Then you’re putting your freedom at risk. Sounds like a job opening. Real sad about that toddler.

  9. betablocker says:

    more children die from guns than cancer every year, coming in second only to car crashes. with kids, you must keep guns locked up and unloaded. don’t even keep ammo in the same room! there is zero excuse. none, zip, zilch, nada.for the love of god people use your brains.


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