Sunday 19 May 2019

Some See Conflict In Councilman’s Time On DGDC Board

The Goldsboro City Attorney does not see a conflict of interest in a council member’s former service on the Downtown Development board, but not all of the city council feels the same way.

City Attorney Ron Lawrence had been tasked with looking into councilman David Ham’s previous time on the Downtown Goldsboro Development Corporation Board of Directors.

Lawrence reported to the council Monday he did not see any conflict of interests during Ham’s time on the DGDC Board, but council member Antonio Williams disagreed stating Ham may have benefitted financially due to the downtown’s development.

Lawrence countered and said he did not see any way Ham benefitted financially from his time on the DGDC Board.

Council member Bevan Foster says Ham owns downtown property, and that means he stands to benefit from the downtown’s development.

No further action was taken on the matter and council member Ham remained silent during the discussion.

Council member David Ham (right) listens as the Goldsboro City Attorney and city council discuss Ham’s time on the DGDC Board.


  1. Adamrothman says:

    Sure the racist coat hanger was fact checking as well. In this case they raise questions, resources are used to investigate. They find nothing, and still he says there is something but fails to provide any proof.

  2. Waynecountynative says:

    Wait, doesn’t Councilman Williams operate a downtown business? So he benefited financially as well, right? Am I missing something?

    • Str8Facts says:

      Councilman Williams was on the transportation board. The argument is about being on the DGDC board. The board supposedly responsible for the upgrading of “downtown”. Meaning if the person in question had any type of informative advantage to get money in their pocket throughout the time spent on that board. BIG DIFFERENCE. These type issues are RUMORED practices around here for years, right in the citizens faces.

      So they are wrong for checking into that?

      • Waynecountynative says:

        So the city council didn’t vote to fund those improvements? With Councilman Williams voting on an issue that benefitted his downtown business? I’m not saying they shouldn’t investigate things that look a bit questionable, but it seems there’s more to question here than one councilman in the DGDC.

  3. Delta says:

    Williams and Foster need to go.

    • Str8Facts says:

      Why should they go? Because they don’t just go along with the flow? Because they wanted to be part of the city council and ACTUALLY change things instead of benefitting the ones that have always been benefitting?

      One of the best things you can have is a DIFFERENCE of OPINION… Then maybe some can see things not JUST the way they see things but in other ASPECTS…..

      • Adamrothman says:

        Maybe because they are both always causing a fuss over nothing. They are racial agitators and nothing more.

        • Str8Facts says:

          Racial agitators or Fact seekers…..

          When you have a group of people that constantly vote yes automatically on everything without any question when it benefits a certain person/group, but then turn around and have question about everything that THEY propose… so all of them are racist…

          It’s funny how almost all motions done by Foster and Williams are denied but the rest pass 5-2….

          Clearly no open mindedness… it’s keeping everything the same and the same people elevated…

          It’s right in your face every meeting…

          So who’s really the racist????

    • WAJ says:

      I like Foster and what he brings…useful conversation. However, Williams is a trouble maker. He is all about making waves for the spotlight. Very little actual work is done when he is involved.


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