Wednesday 22 May 2019

WCPS Teachers Participate In Tech Training

On Monday, Feb. 18, approximately 120 Wayne County Public Schools teachers spent the district’s Teacher Workday at a one day technology mini-conference event. The event, titled “Wild about Digital Learning”, was hosted by WCPS Digital Teaching & Learning Coaches. The DTL Team consists of Tony Smith, Anita Martin and Lou Rose. The event targeted teachers needing continuing education in the area of technology as part of their licensure.

“This event shows that the teachers in our district are already innovative and resourceful in regards to digital learning,” stated Tony Smith, DTL Coach. “By demonstrating that knowledge to their colleagues, not only are they enriching others, but they are showing what our teachers are capable of achieving with the resources at hand.”

The training was held at the Wayne Academy building. Sessions were led by WCPS staff and North Carolina Department of Public Instruction consultants. Sessions included topics, such as:

  • Schoolnet for Teachers
  • NC WiseOwl – Free Curriculum Resources for Differentiation & Personalized Learning
  • Google Apps / Google Extensions / Google Add-Ons / Google Drawings / Google Classroom
  • Computer Science/Coding
  • Chrome: More Than ‘Googling It’ | Chromebooks: How Do I Do That?
  • Hyperdocs
  • Augmented Reality
  • Capturing Collaboration, Creativity, and Content Comprehension – Using Digital Tools to Design Digital Environments For All Learners
  • Bringing the Ocean to the Classroom
  • Quizlet  &  Canvas
  • How to Integrate Technology into the PE Environment
  • QR Codes/Delta Math
  • Superheroes and STEM
  • BrainPOP/Flocabulary Footprint, Cyber Bullying & Digital Drama
  • Socrative

One Comment

  1. Pyrate says:

    Awesome job, WCPS! I know of people in the school system and I heard of nothing but great reviews about the training.


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