Thursday 19 Sep 2019

County Wants Clarification On Edgewood School’s Future

Wayne County Commissioners want answers on the future of the Edgewood Community Developmental School.

There have been issues with the aging Edgewood School facility.

In a February letter sent to Wayne County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Michael Dunsmore from County Manager Craig Honeycutt, the commissioners ask several questions related to the proposed wing that was supposed to be built alongside Meadow Lane Elementary.

The new wing was for exceptional students and was included in the Meadow Lane plans.

However, the district now appears to be looking at space in the new Meadow Lane Elementary School building and Wayne Academy for those students from Edgewood School.

The county commissioners also want answers from the Wayne County School Board and school administration for how funding for various school projects has been or is being spent.

Click here to read the county’s full letter to the Wayne County Public Schools Administration regarding Edgewood Community Developmental School


  1. Delta says:

    ”Dunce”more is an idiot who couldn’t hold Steven Taylor’s jockstrap.

  2. Concerned Parent says:

    Edgewood parents would also like answers. It appears to us that the Wayne County Board of Education couldn’t care less about what happens to the kids of Edgewood as long as some new gyms get built around the county.

    We were invited to a meeting with Mr Dunsmore at Edgewood where we were told that the kids would be split into separate schools with non special needs students and that was going to be the end of it.

    Putting some of the most vulnerable children into “regular” schools is not a good idea. Edgewood School is able to give these kids the attention they deserve and we parents appreciate them.

    Mr Dunsmore, shame on you! Tell the public why the plans have changed! We will see you at the next board meeting.


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