Friday 18 Oct 2019

Chief Hopes To Restore 1919 Fire Engine (PHOTOS)

Goldsboro Fire Chief Joe Dixon sits in the 1919 American LaFrance Fire Engine.

There’s a plan to restore a 100-year-old piece of Goldsboro history.

Goldsboro Fire Chief Joe Dixon wants to breathe new life into the 1919 American LaFrance Fire Engine currently stored at Goldsboro Fire Station Number 5.

Chief Dixon wants to refurbish the historic vehicle without using city tax dollars.

He expects the restoration to cost around $70,000 and he’s looking for donations.

Dixon even has a few ideas how the old fire engine could be utilized once it’s revamped.

The antique fire engine could be used in city parades and to carry the caskets of fallen firefighters.

The 1919 American LaFrance is actually the second fire engine purchased by the Goldsboro Fire Department, and it’s the oldest existing piece of the city’s motorized firefighting equipment.

Even at one century of life, the engine still runs.

However, Dixon says the engine overheats quickly, although that would be solved as part of the restoration work.

One item missing from the 1919 fire engine are the four original tires, and Dixon is hopeful they may still be out there in the community.

Chief Dixon is hoping to set up an account for donations for the fire engine’s rehabilitation through the Downtown Goldsboro Development Corporation, a licensed 501c3.


  1. Sandra A Mueller says:

    Please start a GoFundMe or some such way for people to donate!

  2. Joey says:

    I would have hoped that they would have provided contact info. I would love to assist in the restoration. I have helped restore a few vehicles and being retired I have plenty of time

  3. William l. says:

    Why don’t the city take that $70000.00 and repair the rail road on 117 so that all citizens can enjoy. Another example of taxpayers money wasted on what a hand full of people want. Not in the interest of most citizens of wayne co.

    • Joey says:

      Perhaps you need to read the article again. The city is not footing the bill for this. If you are concerned about the tracks contact the railroad

  4. Travis Wellington says:

    I really hope this happens. My Grandfather Walter Wellington loved that old engine when he was a Goldsboro firefighter and drove it in parades. I even have a picture of myself, my aunt and him driving it in a parade when I was younger


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